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Red Panda :

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Skyboxer wrote:

Just got this and was wondering if they still send out free lessons via SpotPass?
Would have loved to have had the Goomba Lesson !

As far as I know there was only one lesson sent out via Spotpass and that was the Goomba lesson.



I only got Art Academy for 3DS, hoping to get stuck in. I love everybody's artwork on here.

I added you @Waann , I wonder if you were able to send that free lesson please from Nintendo? I think because I bought late, its not available any more.

I added also @Sasha_086 @MisterGiygas @Skyboxer @Chriiis @Harrison_Peter

Thanks in advance .


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@heathenmagic Added you back.

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Does anyone remain to make artwork on 3ds/ds?



@Tasuki this is a game specific/general use thread, so even though pretty dead, if people want to revive, I see no problem with it.


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@Tasuki Is it a problem? I just want to share our artworks made by this game and share exp with many people. That's all. And when I create a group on FB for only this game to share exp more easily, @Eel blocked my post which shared that group's link. FB group is much easier when focusing on only one game and easier to share exp to draw/paint for helping us better in our artist lives. I TOTALLY have NO purpose of Advertising, MY ONLY PURPOSE IS TO FIND PEOPLE HAVING THE SAME PASSION LIKE ME. I saw this post too old, but because my post was blocked, I have no choice to comment on this.



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