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It appears that Curse Gas blocks magic attacks while not afftecting sword attacks, and Barrier Gas blocks sword attacks while not affecting magic attacks.

EDIT: Sorry, I got this wrong. It's actually the other way around.

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the_dude57 wrote:

did u guys no that if uve streetpassed a person 99 times u wont be able to streetpass them again =[ happened today with my3ds and my sisters

Look at the other thread you said this on. You're wrong.


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I Have Heard That Some Pepole Get To Lock There Streetpass(Not Fair )



What color clears a room full of poison?

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I just noticed my mii plaza separated the streetpass miis from the miis met via invitation, anyone know how or why this happened?

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astros75 wrote:

I just noticed my mii plaza separated the streetpass miis from the miis met via invitation, anyone know how or why this happened?

Nintendo did that in the recent update.

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A question about Streetpass Garden/Flower Town.

I'm making a concerted effort to complete my journal and am buying the seeds I need (and making a note of the coloured miis I need to plant them).

One of the plants I need is the Hillside Shawl in the Clusteria family. it says I have 3/4 of the colours, but I can't figure out the final colour - there's a grey circle for the 9 other colours (as opposed to a green spot). What does this mean? That the plant can be any one of those colours? This one is unique in that respect - the other flowers I need are more clear in their final colour(s).

I have a record for a white, blue and purple flower.

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I have 77/80 plants in Streetpass Garden - who ever thought that a game such as this would be so addictive?. I'm working on getting all colours for all plants too.

Anyway, Hillside Shawl is available in white, blue, purple and bright green.



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