Topic: SMT Devil Survivor 2 and Soul Hackers EU resupply

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For some reason, physical EU copies of both these titles have appeared on Amazon UK as well as eBay and some other stores.
No idea where they've come from and I couldn't find any announcement whatsoever from Atlus, but they're there and at somewhat reasonable prices (especially compared to scalper rates).
Any of you physical collectors and SMT fans, it might be worth taking a look whilst they're there.



If only it was on Amazon Canada because it's still $70-$100 for the 3DS stuff. I should jump on them soon before SMT V comes out and draws in a new crowd or if the 3DS E-shop ever closes, causing prices of these games to go up because of demand



@Maximumbeans I've seen them, but I haven't deemed the prices particularly worth mentioning. It wouldn't be you trying to sell them now, would it?

I see they've already dropped in price too. Came to my attention at £55-60 on eBay a few days back, but they're sub-£50 now. Someone wants them gone.

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@gcunit I’d be an awfully prolific seller to cover so many bases! Thought I’d spread the word as these ones can be so hard to get physical copies of.

gcunit wrote:

Came to my attention at £55-60 on eBay a few days back, but they're sub-£50 now.

My point exactly.
I think it's less that somebody wants them gone and more that now there's an actual pocket of supply, people can't demand the scalper prices they have been.

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