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you know how they added netflix , youtube , and hulu?
well they should add skype so you can talk with friends while playing like for example if your playing mario kart ballon battle you can communicate while battling
or on smash bros but on 3ds and wii U



That's... actually a good idea. Like, instead of having in game voicechat, you have the voice chat outside of the game, like how me and my friends play on PC. It wouldn't work on Wii U but it's an interesting idea for the future.

Do other consoles do this? I have no idea...



I've always wanted some form of party chat on Nintendo consoles. Your best alternative is using Skype or Teamspeak on a laptop while you game.


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Nintendo try to be more kid friendly, as you can tell.
Skype is not so friendly to kids.

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I thought they had Skype or some kind of thing like Skype.

I will have check that out by calling @ogo79 to see him model his latest retro game shirt.

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I would love Skype on my 3ds, as a totaly standalone app.
I think they would need a stronger Ram to support Skype while playing though.

Think of it as something like an Alt + Tab command in Windows. The stronger your RAM is, the more windows and programs you can keep running on the background. I dont know how much RAM the 3ds spends on running games alone, but to run another program while playing would take a chunk out of 128mb of RAM. Welp, here's to the next one having Skype though.

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