Topic: Should I get the New 3DSXL or New 2DSXL?

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Originally, I was planning to get the NEW 2DSXL at launch. However, I am actually on holiday at the time of launch and I'd really like the system to take away with me. This made me consider the NEW 3DS XL instead. However, I am not sure what the major differences in the systems are apart from just small cosmetic differences? Is there hardware difference apart from the 3D? I have to say I was never completely sold on the 3D but I've read it was somewhat improved on the NEW 3DSXL, is this the case? I did originally have a 3DS XL at some point but even with the 3d turned off it still appeared slightly on, is this still an issue with the NEW3DS XL?

There is the price to consider as well.

NEW 2DSXL - 129.99
NEW 3DSXL - 179.99

What are everyone's thoughts?



The 3D on the New 3DSXL is a lot more stable due to the dual cameras and head tracking feature which allow for a little bit of movement. For the sake of £50 it really comes down to whether 3D is something you plan to use regularly.

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Do you like something bigger or smaller ?
New 2DS XL looks smaller compared to New 3DS XL but still have same monitor size as New 3DS XL.
Indeed. New 2DS XL Doesn't have 3D slider.
If you care about price and smaller size, New 2DS XL is for you.
But if you care about 3D slider and bigger size, New 3DS XL is for you.

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i think the 2DS XL is the better buy, it's cheaper and has all the added stuff the 3DS XL does just NO 3D and when a lot of people don't even use the 3D anymore AND some games not even having any 3D at all (Dragon Ball Fusions for one) your not really going to miss it

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New 2DS XL all day. 3D is lame

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Thanks for the input so far, I think I am definitely leaning towards the NEW 2DSXL.

Another alternative here:

My friend owns the limited edition Animal Crossing 3DSXL, which I desperately wanted at launch but couldn't get. They've offered to trade it for my 2DS...which sounds like a no brainer, right?! BUT the analog stick is actually broken. I've heard people have glued the circle pad back on to fix it (Smash apparently caused the issues for a lot of people)...but I'm very cautious about damaging the system.

I don't know what to do



Additionally, how many games actually use the second analog stick?



Insert half-hearted defense of 3D here. I'm a fan of it, but I doubt there's any convincing people at this point, especially not with that price difference.

Don't think I've ever made serious use of the C-stick. It's kinda maybe helpful in Smash? Not really a feature to care about, if you ask me.

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You can get new 3ds xl's on ebay for around £110 ~ £120 if you are prepared to buy used or refurbished


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