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1. I’m the Nintendo Switch holder and love this system.

2. Previously I had (still have) a PSP (completed about twenty games) and DSl (completed only Final Fantasy III, I also played Mario Kart and Super Mario Bross).

3. I love mobile gaming (I don’t mean smartphone games), but also I like big, good looking games (
that's why I submitted PSP over DS).

4. 3DS games don’t look bad (they looks like PSP games) and they look like big productions, so it would not be such a problem (I think so / I hope), but if I want to invest my money and time in Nintendo Switch, buying a second portable system (basically the third) makes sense?

5. Can I explore with 3DS / 2DS areas of play/gameplay/games, that I will not discover using Nintendo Switch?

6. At the moment my argument for buying New Nintendo 2DS are:

  • price (however for that price I have 3-4 big (box) games on Switch),
  • intriguing appearance,
  • more portable than Switch,
  • few games I would like to play: 2D Mario Game, Heroes of Ruin (I love Diablo-like games), Xenoblade Chronicels (because relase of sequel on Switch and very good looking), maybe Mario Kart, but I have MK 8 Deluxe and it’s so f*ck*ng good.

But all above, it's a bit too small and I'm looking for other arguments, so I asking You.



-As it stands the 3DS/2DS has a huge library of great games, especially if you like jrpgs.
-As you say it's much more portable than the switch (which I would never really leave the house with)
-As it's getting reasonably old now, some of the better games can be picked up for pretty cheap new or secondhand.
-Regarding whether or not you get a 2ds or 3ds, it all depends if you care about 3d - i never used to but the effect on the new 3ds is pretty solid now and looks really good in some games (not all).

For the price, and for how much play you can get out of it with like six years of games under its belt, i'd definitely reccomend it.



Buy New 2DS XL if you not interested with 3D features.
Cheaper than New 3DS XL, looks like an IPhone when the clam closed so other peoples will think it's a smartphone at first impression (catch their attention).
3DS has HUGE Gorgeous library games.
Even the silliest games.

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I'm curious what kind of plastic will New 2DS XL be made of. If it is worse quality than 3DS, maybe I should look around for 3DS ?



I'm also in a similar situation.
I own a Switch that I dearly love and a PS Vita that I used to loved but that I haven't touch for over a year. Not a single game coming for the PS Vita interest me anymore but, on the other hand, the New 2DS XL it's very appealing and has a library of awesome games that I'm missing out. But the reason that is making me seriously purchasing one is Metroid: Samus Returns.
My two kids own a New 3DS and (old) 2DS, so I guess I could borrow one and play the game there but the 3DS isn't designed to be shared and I'm not sure if my son and I could keep different saves on the same system... Also playing some games (like Tri Force Heroes or Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon) with my kids using only one card sound so awesome!
I'm seriously pondering about selling my PS Vita all its games to buy a New 2DS... But I can't decide since I don't use my Vita anymore but, with a Switch, I'm not sure buying a New 2DS would be a good investment... But Metroid, I mean METROID!!!! After so long and only on the 3DS!!

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@maruse and to answer my own question. Yes!

I sold my (totally unused) PS Vita and I'll buy a New 2DS XL next week. Hopefully with a couple of games too: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and... haven't decided yet but it might be Codename: S.T.E.A.M. because is quite cheap on Amazon and has some nice reviews, or maybe Triforce Heroes since my two kids and myself all love Zelda and playing all three together with one cartridge sounds quite good.

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Be aware that the diversity of game library on 3DS is far worse than the one on DS. Racing games, point'n click adventures or FPS are almost non-existing genres on 3DS. However there are ton of JRPGs, platformers and social games like Animal Crossing.

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Go for it. I say go for the New 2DS XL and save $50, but maybe the 3D is worth it for you. I've contemplated getting a New 2DS XL, but my weathered 3DS from launch day (ironically the only platform I got at launch and its launch was not good) is still kicking. Maybe if there is some awesome Black Friday deal for the New 2DS XL I'll cave. At the moment, it's just not worth it when I have a functioning 3DS and just spent a lot of money on a Switch.

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I am 16 and I am thinking of buying it an I too old for the new Nintendo 2ds xl?



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