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Bravely Second: Ballad of the Three Cavaliers Review

A demo that offers more than paid games

A FREE demo that offers a story not available in the main game? Who in their right mind would not download this? In Bravely Second: Ballad of the Three Cavaliers, Her Holiness Agnés Oblige tasks the three cavaliers Yew, Janne, and Nikolai to locate the sources of strange happenings occurring in the desert near the town of Al-Khampis. Every quest in the Bravely Second demo is varied in objectives and perfectly matches with the area you have to explore throughout said desert. There are a few unique mechanics in the game such as how players can change the occurence of random encounters. Varying quest missions have players constantly tinker with these creative mechanics in a way that doesn't feel forced.

One thing that also does not fail to impress is Bravely Second's turn-based combat. While Bravely Second does keep the standard JRPG combat fare, it throws in new mechanics that only add to the battle experience. These are the addition of a Brave and job mechanic. Seen in the original game, Bravely Default, were both of these mechanics. However, the way they are implemented into the demo only have players yearn for more combat goodness in the full Bravely Second game.

The brave mechanic is when players can spend brave points to attack multiple times in a turn. Using brave points come at a cost of not being able to attack the amount of times you additionally attacked. Thankfully, a default stance (block stance) grants players enhanced defense which in turn also allows players to gain more brave points. What makes this mechanic refeshening to fans of Bravely Default playing this demo is the fact that a new Bravely Second session is added. In this, a singular party member can activate a move or ability with increased power.

If an expounded Brave combat system isn't enough to excite you, then maybe more jobs will. The Bravely Second demo gives players four jobs to test out. More occupations can be unlocked upon the victory over a boss. More jobs means more abilities. Leveling up a character's job level unlocks more class and support abilities. There will be guaranteed enjoyment in switching party member's classes to find the strategic customization that appeals the most to yourself.

Bravely Second: Ballad of the Three Cavaliers is one of the best games I've ever played. Right, its a demo. I keep forgetting that because of how emotional and engrossing this exclusive side story is. Not only that, but the demo does a great job of presenting the mechanics that will be included in the full game to new and old fans of Bravely Default. If the demo of Bravely Second is this fantastic, then I can't wait to see what the full game is like.



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The first game got a lot of things right, and failed a lot as well.

All in all it would have been above average throwback to old school JRPG's with its utterly fantastic music and engaging tweak on the old combat system.

But the Town maps that were nothing more than JPEGS characters walked on top of, left the towns as little more than eye candy that become uninteresting and unengaging in a matter of minutes.

THe dungeons were of such simple design they literally reminded me of chutes and ladders.

And Oh God then came the final chapers, then came the final chapers.

then came the final chapters.

then came the final chapters. Then came the final chapters.

If the second game mantains bravely defaults highs, and adresses its lows it could really be something special.

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Appreciate the reviews UltimateGamer. Something more members should do here I think.

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