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If I play through yellow to get the starters then put them in the bank. Can I restart yellow and still deposit other pokemon in the bank if I have started the new game?

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The GB games themselves are not compatible with Pokebank.

You'll just be able to transfer the Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow to Moon and Sun via unspecified methods.


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Nope, it's not even supported with pokemon bank yet, and when it gets added it's going to be for transferring the pokemon over Sun/Moon.

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I'm pretty sure they did say it would be through Pokemon Bank. Either way, when it's done I assume you'll be able to restart your game and copy over more. Though only once they've enabled it which AFAIK they haven't yet.

Though with Yellow there's not much of a reason to restart the game for something else. Helix/Dome fossil maybe but other than that. All of these Pokemon can be acquired through the GTS anyway. So the ability to transfer Pokemon is really just a nice extra. A way to take a team build in Gen1 and bring it into the newest games. Maybe with some moves that those Pokemon couldn't learn in later games or something.

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skywake wrote:

Helix/Dome fossil maybe but other than that.

That's a rather drastic con that sideringyou can just breed Kabuto/Omanyte like Lopunny in the newer games.

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