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I have a question about my 3DS XL. I'm in US right now and i bought new 3ds. I registered with my US adress. Next week i'll be at Turkey. I was wondering can i buy games from nintendo e-shop with my US credit card or from digital code game or from Nintendo gift card at Turkey ?

Can you please help, sorry for my English.


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If you're purchasing games from the eshop you're fine, though I'm not sure if physical gift cards from Turkey would work- so maybe sticking to your credit card would be the better option?


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With an US nintendo 3ds xl, if its registered to US account( adress, credit card etc.) i can access to US nintendo shop and download games in anywhere?

I know that you can't use non US credit cards on US nintendo shop, so amazon can be a solution on this right? With digital code games or eshop gift cards




Yes, if you register your console to access the US eshop, you will be able to access that store from anywhere in the world. I did the same as you, but I live in Chile.
To buy, your best choices are to buy the games through Amazon's digital codes or get eshop card codes from Walmart (they send the codes to your email).

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Thanks to all of you



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