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Alright, so I got the Mutant Mudds Demo today, and I love it! Everything about the game is incredible! The music, the graphics, the gameplay...EVERYTHING!!

It actually got me thinking about other cool games that could be made with this kind of 1990s style. What do you think? And on a slightly related note, what if developers decided to tweak the XBLA and PSN Scott Pilgrim game to make it 3DSWare? Think of the possibilities!

So I guess the main question here would be: What kind of games would you like to see as 3DSWare? More platforming masterpieces with a late '90s style? Or more 3D experiences such as Dillon's Rolling Western?

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Variety. Give me a huge selection of great games to choose from.

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it would be cool to have more platformers of any sort (retro,2d,3d)but also have a level maker that you use and share your levels with wifi or qr codes so then comes lots of replay value,but what i really want the most is a nice zombie shooter which you can roam freely in a area and fight til you die and coop wouldnt hurt

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I would like to see a game that is a platforming, RPG hybrid



i would love to see some arcade style racers like daytona usa or sega rally.




I really want to see a new Metroid and Mario sidescroller on the eShop after the experience Mutant Mudds delivered. That kind of release for both franchises seems way too fitting for Nintendo to pass up on. After Other M, Metroid could use a title that has cheap development costs but a title that has a strong quality push. Renegade Kid did that with Mutant Mudds, so I'm sure Nintendo could manage that as well. The goal of the project would be to create an engrossing experience comparable to Super Metroid in its vibrant environments and thick atmosphere while providing the openness and smooth animations/controls of Zero Mission. They don't need to make it follow the timeline, they could simply make another title on Zebes and spruce it up in "12-bit" graphics. Mario is really a no brainer considering Mutant Mudds is inspired by Super Mario World and is the perfect example of how great platforming can be on the eShop. If they won't do it in retail, they could make a "12-bit" "New" Super Mario Land sub-series for the eShop.

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