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I am having some problems opening my PokeBank on my 3DS.

I used to play a ton of Pokemon X, then when Omega Ruby came out I used PokeBank to move everything onto that game. A few years ago I stopped playing, until this last week I got a copy of Pokemon Sun. I bought another license for a year of PokeBank intending on moving everything over and playing though Sun and growing my collection, but when I try and both Omega Ruby and X in the PokeBank app I get this error

"You previously used a different cop of this game. Please try again using Tmsrox's game."

I never got a different copy, both Omega Ruby and X are both downloaded directly from the shop onto the DS, Sun is the only hard copy that I have between the three, and I certainly never deleted my Omega Ruby profile, it still has everything in it. The only thing different is my wife deleted my X file so she could play it (again I had moved all Pokemon at that point). Has anyone had similar issues? Is there a way to fix this? I'm pretty sure I don't have anything in the bank ATM (although I haven't opened it in years), so even if there's a way I can reset the bank that would work but I cant seem to find that either.




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