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So I am a big collector but I also enjoy buying systems that either have functionality issues and need repair as I look at it as a challenge. With that said I am challenged with this one I have a Original Aqua nintendo 3ds which had the "black screen of death" and would show the blue light, charge but not actually turn on. So I took it apart and to my dismay had some kind of liquid damage around the headphone jack, wireless card and general area. So I cleaned the whole board with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and got all the corrosion off minus some small tiny rust spots. I had taken the wireless card off usually when that is not seated properly it will exhibit those behaviours of not turning on. So when I looked at the pins on the card i noticed some corrosion on the outside of the pins which I scrubbed with IPA and seemed to be ok. Still nothing when turning the system on. So I swapped out a known working Wireless card and nothing either so not the card. Then I have taken it apart unseated all the ribbon cables (pain in the ass for someone who is 47) lol After putting all cables back in and putting it back partially it powered on! However here is where it is behaving badly while the 3D Slider works I get no sound and the bottom touch screen does not respond nor do the buttons triggers home, start or select or the d pad. However when it does power on and does the attached start sequence pressing the A button stops it but noting otherwise. So I took it apart again and reseated all cables and still the same so stumped:

Sorry about the horrible video but it shows what its doing.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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