Topic: Not Happy With Nintendo And N3DSXL

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Im kinda mad at Nintendo...
for releasing handheld consoles with
2 different screens for the same price.
I bought a new 3ds xl found out it had the better screen IPS returned it cause of other defects...
Got a exchange this one is TN no defects its just i paid the same and got a less superior screen in return is my money not as good as the guy next to me??
I tried to exchange it couple more times ended up with total of 6 the first one was ips the other 5 are TN.
Also from 2 different stores in different areas so it seems like out of 6 about 1 or 2 will be IPS why the lotto nintendo and same price?
grr not happy and im stuck now with a TN...
does TN have anything good going for it? or is it complete trash


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