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Just yesterday, my 2DS screen broke from the inside. I have no problems related to repairing it, but a few questions have arisen while thinking about how should I proceed, so I figured I'd ask for help.
The main issue here is that I have a few games that I have bought from the eShop and thus are linked to my account. Now while that is completely normal, it turns out that my console is the only device in my possession from which I can connect to said account, due to separate issues regarding my e-mail account.
Now, I'd need to know a few things if possible:

If I sent the console to a specialized store or technical support or whatever to be fixed, would I be able to retain the data (accounts and such configuration) so that it allows me to fix my e-mail issues?

From a bit of searching that I did yesterday, I found out that the data I'm so desperate to keep it is probably fully stored in the SD card itself. If I removed the card and then, after the console being fixed, put it on again, would I keep the Nintendo Network account in which I am logged in?

And, if all else fails, if I simply bought a replacement screen and fix it myself, would I, again, retain the data?

I'd also like to clarify that I don't need help with the e-mail issues -as long as I get to keep the account logged in-, I am very confident that I can fix that myself once I have access to the console again.

Thanks in advance for those kind enough people that (hopefully) will clarify my doubts.

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