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Hi, I want to download Minecraft onto my daughter's 2DS XL, the memory card already has Tomadachi Life on it, will Minecraft fit onto the memory card?



@Fleurbe Might the answer not depend on how big the memory card is inside the 2DS?

Anywho... assuming it's using the SD card that came with the system at retail, then if Tomodachi Life is the only other thing on it then yes, Minecraft will fit. But if there's a load of videos, photos, music etc on the card then that will obviously be a factor.

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Just buy the physical version, @Fleurbe. I see it all the time at places like walmart or target.

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It should fit just fine even in the default 4gb card, tomodachi life is a small game, and Minecraft for 3DS is not much bigger.


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Thanks for your help, chatted with someone at Nintendo and they said it was daughter only got it yesterday so not enough time to fill up the memory card...yet!!
Thanks for your helpūüėÄ


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