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While everyone is excited about this crossover, I recommend you analyze what we've been shown so far. In Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, there seem to be no Original Characters from Paper Mario (no sign of Koops, Merlin, Twink, Goombella, ect) and no Original Characters from Mario & Luigi other than Starlow (no sign of Popple, Toadbert, Beanish people, Shroobs, ect). Bowser seems to be the main villain once again (Most Mario RPGs have 2 villains, bowser and another one such as Cackletta, Princess Shroob, Shadow Queen, Smithy, Dimentio, ect). In this game, it also seems like Paper Luigi is not present, which is reminiscent to Paper Luigi's minimal and dialogue-less appearance in Paper Mario Sticker Star. This is concerning. What made Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi so awesome was its cast of Original Characters, and its great story. It seems Nintendo is trying to force Mario RPG games to feature no Original Characters (other than the essential Kersti and Starlow) and have ONLY Toads and other established enemies from the Mario games.

Miyamoto expressed his strong dislike for Mario games having good storylines (source, this is a fact read this article: ) He has been trying to get rid of story in Mario ever since, even in the RPGs. One staff member tried to sneak and write more story into Mario, but Miyamoto got mad at him ( source: The poor guy got in trouble for trying to make Mario games more enjoyable.

Paper Mario Sticker Star was an odd paper Mario. It didn't have the great story the previous Paper Marios and Sticker Star featured NO Original Characters except for toads, toads, and more toads and basic Mario enemies. The reason why is because Miyamoto purposely told the Paper Mario developers to give the game little to no storyline, and no original characters (this is a fact, read the source: ). Its lack of Orginal Characters were quite evident, even Luigi had no dialogue (which he normally does in Paper Mario) and few appearances. The story of Paper Mario Sticker Star was minimal, and Bowser had no dialogue at all.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team fortunately had a lot of original characters, enemies, and a fantastic story. But I fear it will be the last Mario RPG of its kind. It seems Sticker Stars removal of Original Characters and storyline will be ordered by Miyamoto/Nintendo upon Mario and Luigi Dream Team.

Paper Mario is made by Intelligent Systems, Mario & Luigi is made by Alpha Dream. Mario is owned by Nintendo and Miyamoto. Miyamoto has slowly been ordering third party devs like Intelligent Systems to remove story and Original Characters. If Mario & Luigi Paper Jam has no Original Characters or a decent Storyline, the fault is of Miyamoto and Nintendo.

We need to raise awareness for the fans love of story in Mario RPGs and the Original Characters it has. If we don't Mario RPG games will loose their story and their soul. Metroid fans made a lot of noise by making a petition to cancel federation force. I do not in the slightest suggest we do the same. I am excited for Mario & Luigi Paper Jam and can't wait for its release. BUT we need to raise noise that Mario & Luigi Paper jam not having Original Characters, only Toads and Basic Mario enemies, and little to no story is NOT acceptable.

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...How about we actually wait until we get a new trailer. Highly doubt Alpha Dream will randomly decide to go without a story in their game.

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