Topic: How many games can you fit on a 32GB microSD card?

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I'm pretty much decided that I want to get a New Nintendo 3DS XL soon. I'll probably wait to see if there are any deals on Black Friday but even if there aren't any I'll probably still get it (I'm in the UK so things are a bit different here).

So my big question is how many games can you fit on a 32GB microSD card? I have one sitting on my shelf already that I bought for other things but never used.

Also is the New Nintendo 3DS XL compatible with 64GB microSD cards? Or can it only handle 32GB microSD cards?

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Cool. Thanks for the tips. I'll probably only buy older VC games online and get the retail edition for any new games to save on space so from what both of you have said it should be enough.

Also thanks for the tips about using 64GB cards. That could be an option as well thinking about it since microSD cards are so cheap these days (about £17 online for one).

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You'll have plenty of room for VC games as they only use up a few MBs of space. Some retail games or Japanese retail games that have been released exclusively via the eShop in the West (such as Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3) will take up a few GBs, so you won't have too much room for those. Most first party Nintendo games (your Marios, Yoshis, Animal Crossings and Tomodachi Lives) are usually only a few hundred MBs. Some retail titles with simplistic graphics/mechanics are also surprisingly small. I was surprised that the Regular Show game, which was recently on sale in the eShop, is only 35MB.

While 64GB cards are known to work with the 3DS and Wii U, you may encounter issues as Nintendo themselves have not officially acknowledged support for SD cards greater than 32GB in size, so you could potentially experience issues. I have been using a 32GB SD card since launch and it's not completely filled yet (I have downloaded hundreds of apps/games), however, I buy any retail games as a physical copy except in rare circumstances (such as Regular Show, which was only AU$6), and eShop exclusive games are generally quite small in size.

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OK. Thanks for the tips. I'll stick with my 32GB microSD card then. Hopefully should get my 3DS next week at some point then . Quite excited as there are quite a lot of games on it that I want to play.

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How many games can you fit on a piece of string?

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gcunit wrote:

How many games can you fit on a piece of string?

You could play cat's cradle.



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