Topic: How do you delete 3DSware?

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When I finished transferring 6 dsiware games/apps, soon afterwards, there was a 7th unopened present which was pokedex 3D and I hadn't downloaded it from the eshop and I don't even like pokemon so I'd like to delete it since I'll never use it.


@mariofanatic128: I would assume it's the same way you delete DSiWare.

Edit: Just checked, it is. Data management in system settings.

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Dragoon wrote:

mariofanatic128 wrote:

I don't even like pokemon

Well there's your problem



System Settings > Data Management.



go to settings then data managemant and click on pokedex 3d



I already tried that and it wasn't there. I wondered if I had to use for it to appear on the data management section and it seems that it was just like an advert to download it because when I tapped the icon, it said that I need to download it from the eshop to play it, it then gave me the option of deleting the icon, which I did. I found that this was because I had automatic software downloads via spotpass on, so I've turned that off now.


It didn't download the game, it created a link to the game on the eshop via spot pass. Just click on the apllication and you should be able to delete it.

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I downloaded it even though I don't have Pokemon Black/White and got free coins in Club Nintendo for doing so. Nifty.

Yup, I have one too:


Yes. $2 DSiWare and free digital apps are financially the best way to make Nintendo Power coins, if anyone cares, as you get 10 coins for doing the post survey.

A regular Wii game costing $50-60 gets you only 60 (50+10) coins.
$60 to get 60 coins with a Wii game, or spend $12 on cheap digital software for the same amount of coins.
Getting you $600 coins for only $120, if there's enough cheap software.

That's if you really care about getting platinum status. lol


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