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hello everybody im matt im from the uk ive just converted to nintendo and brought myself a 3ds at weekend having sold my psp i wanted to ask if anybody has any games they can recommend i know about zelda,mario etc im looking for some games that get overlooked rare games ive just brought assains creed and magic and myth as i couldnt afford a 3ds game yet so any ideas would be appriciated
regards matt

ps vita playing blobs,gravity rush,sine mora demo,


At the moment, most of the best games for 3DS are really DS/DSiWare games. A couple I'd really recommend as great games are these:

Also check out the DSiWare section and look at review scores as a guide. You could particularly look for 8/10 games starting with the letter "D" and ending in "igger Dan".

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The DS recommendations thread is here, the 3DS recommendations thread is here, and if it's downloadables you're interested in, we've got a thread for DSiWare too. Feel free to look through those threads if you like and/or ask for recommendations there. :3

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