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The Nintendo 3DS is the WORST thing I've ever bought! I've had this piece of sh*t for 4 years! For starters, every single game I've ever downloaded​ from the eShop has given me nothing but problems. I have several games from the eShop and I decided that as long as I can still play them, even if they do freeze constantly, I wasn't going to complain. Until today. 2 years I've been playing this game. A game that isn't even supposed to be ABLE to delete the save file. Today, for the 100th time, I decided to go on the multiplayer mode and poof, everything GONE. 2 years of playing completely gone. Now this is the second game to do me this way and the first one Nintendo issued me a refund to my eShop account. Ironically, that's how I got this game. Now they are telling me they can't do that again and that my SD card must have corrupted. Now my SD card is one made by Nintendo that I have had for 3 years because my last one DID corrupt. I've checked it through 2 separate computers and they both said there were no problems found. My other games are playing fine(well as fine as they always have) and haven't lost anything. AND the game I lost was playing without any problems until I tried to go online! So HOW could it have been my SD card?? As if it isn't bad enough that I lost my game, but now I have a waste of a game that I never want to play again. What's wrong with putting the money back on my account and taking the game off?? They've done it before!! They aren't losing any money!! I can't spend it anywhere else except there! I mean it's nothing more than a da*n trade!!! They don't lose anything!! So WHY then??? I'm so very upset and will never waste my money at Nintendo again!



Oh, you mean that game

Don't hate me because I'm bnahabulous.


So from what ive gotten from this.

Nintendo makes SD cards now.

You bought a game that you've put up with for years that has only just broken your back.

I don't....alright. Time to sleep.

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Ok Gracias. I'm sure the two or three of us who haven't bought the 3DS in the last six years will keep this in mind.

Anyway I'd suggest contacting nintendo or something.

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