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Hey guys. So last week I pre-ordered Pokemon Silver for the 3DS.
Anyway, now that the game is finally out, I wanted to go ahead and claim my free theme and event Celebi for Pokemon Sun/Moon.
I've been told we're supposed to get the codes for these from the receipts found in the Account Activity section of the 3DS eShop, but when I check it, I can't view my Pokemon Silver receipt in the same way as I can some of the others.
Anyone know what I'm supposed to do? Is there somewhere else I can view my receipts for 3DS? I want my codes and don't want to be forced to buy Pokemon Gold just to get them.



@Spike6958 A receipt should also have been sent to the email registered to your Nintendo Account.

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To check your receipt just go to the eshop, tap the little orange icon in the corner and select "other". From there you can view your list of transactions.

Find the one for the game, the ticket will be there.

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