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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo

Friend me and I'll friend you! I'm new to this game.

Friend Code: 2681-6258-4190

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo

Friend me!! I'm in the USA... Pacific Standard Time
Name: JenBun
Code: 2681-6258-4190
Town Name: Dystopia
We've got peaches!


Instead of revving up a thread to share your 3ds friend code for New Leaf, try posting it here instead:

I made Sheldon & Mr. Randoms back on Flipnote Hatena, now i'm a kangaroo mod that has a funko pop collection!

I'm not keen politics since that stuff is spooky, I'd rather watch SpongeBob over Fox News anyways!

Fortnite Creator Code: SheldonRandoms

Switch Friend Code: SW-2240-6609-5332 | 3DS Friend Code: 5429-9754-3617 | Nintendo Network ID: SheldonRandoms

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