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@PROBRO i don't have my own server because it's too much of a hassle to keep up,and I don't add friends on Discord anyway.

2DS FC: 4399-6594-6668

3DS Friend Code: 4399-6594-6668


My 3ds friend code is 1178 4039 9796 I would love some friends

Tiffani mccarley


Hi folks. My 2ds XL broke so I had to replace it as such I lost my friends and my friend code changed. I need friends for my Friend Safari in Pokémon X & Y so if you want to add me please feel free and I'll add you in return. My 3ds friend code is: 1178-4343-1573. Thanks!

3DS Friend Code: 1178-4343-1573
Switch Friend Code: 3686-5248-0014


Finally got around to adding a bunch of you guys. Feel free to ping me if I missed ya!

Game over man!

N2dsXL FC: 4184-8977-2824
Switch FC: 1802-8430-4624


Hello need Safari codes

3DS FC: 0662-6915-7315

3DS FC: 0662-6915-7315

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