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Hello everyone. I downloaded a game a couple of days ago for my new 3Ds via the Nintendo Eshop. The game is called 50 Classic Games. Anyway, the game worked for a short while but then made my 3Ds freeze so that I had to hold down the power button for 30 seconds to get the 3Ds to power off (I only found this solution via google). I deleted the game and re-downloaded it but after a while it did the same thing again. I emailed Nintendo (the Greek branch which seems to be called Nortec - I am based in Greece) to tell them about this problem. They replied today saying that because the game is not distributed by Nintendo, they cannot help me. I understand that the game was created by another company, but surely having the game on their eshop means that they are distributing it and should accept some sort of responsibility for what they offer(?) I am very disappointed by this. The game still works but periodically freezes my 3DS and I am not comfortable with this happening because I do not think it is good for the system. I have decided that I will avoid buying any more games directly from Nintendo as they seem not to care about their customers (I have bought several from the Wii Shop channel in the past and had just bought my first few games from the 3DS shop). I am not sure if anyone here can advise me but I just wanted to get things off my chest.



I'm sorry this happened to you... This kind of reminds me of Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns for 3DS. I luv that game but there is a glitch that freezes the 3DS and it will force the gamer to shut down the 3DS. I went on Natsume's website and it turned out that other people have contacted Natsume and Natsume gave a solution to the glitch. I hope you find a similar answer.

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Yeah the best solution here is to contact the company that makes the game rather than Nintendo since Nintendo didnt make that game themselves. Perhaps if the problem is big enough and enough people contact the company that makes they will make a patch to fix it or something along those lines. Dont see why you are mad at Nintendo since they didnt make that game. Honestly I dont see what you expect Nintendo to do about it since they didnt make the game.

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Thanks for your reply and your understanding. I could of course contact the publisher but what disappointed me was the tone and curtness of the response - as if it is nothing to do with Nintendo, which I think it is since they have allowed the game to be sold on their Eshop. I have had games which have crashed my Wii before but it is extremely rare. The freezes in the 3Ds game happened fairly quickly and at first I thought that the 3Ds had actually died on me.



Tasuki, I understand your points but I think they should show interest since they are distributing the game via their Eshop. Their reply amounted to "we can't help you as we did not make the game". I think this is shoddy and unethical. They should show some interest and concern that they are distributing via their eshop a game that is problematic. I am not suggesting that they should say "It is our fault, ooops, sorry, here's your money back".


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