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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here so be nice!

I'm hoping someone on here can help me with a problem. To cut a long story short i have been getting into handheld gaming again and decided to upgrade from my old DS Lite to the 2DS ( 3D doesn't bother me ).

I purchased a 2DS with some games from Ebay, all was fine until i needed to charge the battery. I since found out it will not charge. I'm trying to send back the 2DS to the seller who is now refusing to accept it saying the 2DS im trying to send back is a different one! He asked for photos of the serial number and i supplied them.

He then from what i can tell, got another photo and used paint to copy the serial number i supplied on to it. He also said the motherboard was different to the one he sent me and said he will use this as evidence i'm lying.

Before Ebay steps in i was hoping that as the motherboards are both different maybe he has taken a photo of a later revision board that should not have that serial number.

The pictures are of the board where the battery goes. One has white writing and Nintendo logo the other is more plain and only has some gold writing and no nintendo logo.

I tried to paste pictures here but it wouldn't work.

Does anyone know why the boards are so different and if they would have used a different serial prefix/number for the later revision?

I hope i have explained this well enough.
Hopefully someone can help as i can see i'm about to be ripped off



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