#5 - Fuecoco

Image: The Pokémon Company / Pexels

According to the official Pokémon website, our favourite and likely most delicious new starter Fuecoco enjoys eating as much as we do. Fuecoco, while obviously based on a crocodile, also looks suspiciously like a chilli pepper. Enough for us to want to eat one for ourselves, anyway.

We’ve got ourselves the beginnings of a delicious Mediterranean pizza: diced Fuecoco and cured Smolivs. Or – better yet – Fuecoco would likely make a great hot sauce. We wonder where Fuecoco falls on the Scoville scale. Looks like it's got some bite.

#4 - Vanillite, Vanillish, and Vanilluxe

Image: The Pokémon Company / Pexels

There isn’t a person on this planet (other than those lactose-intolerant, we guess) that dislikes ice cream, and you can’t convince us otherwise. As a sentient form of vanilla ice cream, there’s absolutely no way the Vanilluxe line wouldn’t be delicious. The line’s Pokédex entries do not state what it tastes like, but they literally have vanilla in their name.

Too bad there isn’t a chocolate sauce Pokémon – yet.

#3 - Appletun

Image: The Pokémon Company / Pexels

Game Freak went and designed an actual Pokémon based on an apple pie. It’s like they want us to eat their creations. Seriously, do people in the Pokémon world not eat Appletun? Is there a version of PETA – maybe called PETP – campaigning to stop people from doing so? Apparently, Appletun is loaded with delicious, sweet nectar. Who wouldn’t want to eat one with a scoop of Vanillite on the side?

We’re leaving both its pre-evolution and alternate form off this list as they’re basically wormy apples. Nobody wants to eat wormy apples.

#2 - Galarian Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d

Image: The Pokémon Company / Pexels

The Sirfetch’d line comes equipped with everything needed for a fowl-based curry. It wields a massive leek and a leaf-based shield that is not unlike a spring onion. Both surely would add a lot of flavour when simmered with spices – maybe some diced Fuecoco – for a few hours. You’d just have to, y’know, de-feather Sirfetch’d before throwing him in the pot. Please don’t call PETP on us.

In the Galar region, from where Sirfetch’d hails, curries have become a staple for Pokémon trainers exploring the wild area. You expect us to believe someone hasn’t tried throwing a Sirfetch’d in the pot? Please. Fetch the Exeggutor naan.

#1 - Milcery and Alcremie

Image: The Pokémon Company / Pexels

The Alcremie line ranks higher than all other food-themed Pokémon for two reasons. First, Milcery evolves into one of many flavours of Alcremie based on its held item and what time of day the player spins around in a circle. No, we’re not joking. These flavours include mint cream, matcha, and rainbow swirl, which alter the cake-based Pokémon’s appearance. Alcremie comes with more options than a Kalos patisserie.

Second, in Gigantimax form, Alcremie becomes a massive, five-tiered cake that could likely feed every town in every Pokémon region. It's said cream endlessly flows off this Alcremie, and its attacks pack up to 100,000 kilocalories.

Now that is a cake.

Which Pokémon would you most want to eat? Let us know in the poll while we go out and grab something for lunch, and maybe a dessert after that. If we forgot an edible ‘mon you’d like to sample, let us know in the comments!

Which Pokémon would you most want to eat?

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