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More Real Songs That Inspired Iconic Nintendo Music

GoldenEye 007 — Éric Serra

Have a listen to GoldenEye (the movie) composer Éric Serra's other work and you'll hear that iconic gong sound that makes the GoldenEye 007 soundtrack so iconic. It was this sound that the composers at Rare wanted to emulate, and you can see how they did it in the video below, too!

Banjo-Kazooie 'Gruntilda's Lair' — 'The Teddy Bears' Picnic' by John Walter Bratton

Speaking of Rare's music, how can you not notice that Gruntilda's creepy theme sounds almost exactly like the just-as-creepy Teddy Bears' Picnic, the nursery rhyme about spying on sentient teddies?

Street Fighter 'Guile's Theme' — 'Travelers' by T-Square

Yep, it's T-Square again! The '70s Japanese band were clearly a huge influence on video game composers of a certain age, since Yoko Shimomura also pulled from their groovy work to compose 'Guile's Theme'. Oh, and by the way — T-Square are still performing! They're all in their 60s, but they're still rockin' to sold-out concerts in Japan.

The Legend of Zelda 'Zelda's Lullaby' — 'Plantasia' by Mort Garson

Dangit, Koji Kondo, this one's not even subtle! Although we do like the idea of Link "accidentally" playing some trippy space-music that Zelda taught him. Or maybe it was the King of Hyrule playing this as a lullaby for his daughter?

Sonic 2 'Chemical Plant Zone' — 'Glam Slam' by Prince

We've had a lot of metal and jazz, but how about a bit of funk-pop courtesy of Prince? It's enough to make us wish that Sonic the Hedgehog had a purple variant who could play the guitar like a madman.

Super Mario 64 'Wing Cap Theme' — 'Keynsham' by Bonzo Dog Band

Honestly, Koji Kondo did have a really good and eclectic taste in music, and we can't fault him for that. Evidently, he thought that the Starman Theme needed a bit more interpolation to really stand out in Super Mario 64...

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