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We are so nearly there, folks. We have hit our final What Are You Playing discussion before all of our entries become "Tears of the Kingdom, duh" from next week — relish the variety in our plans while you can!

This week has been a bit of a 'calm before the storm' in the world of Nintendo, but that doesn't mean that we haven't had plenty to talk about. In honour of Star Wars Day (hello there), we asked for your help in ranking every Star Wars game on Nintendo systems, we dodged all the spoilers as the Mario Movie was briefly uploaded to social media, asked who's your favourite Champion in Breath of the Wild and we even got the chance to chat with some of the team behind Afterimage.

In the world of reviews, we got into the Zelda spirit with Super Dungeon Maker"a promising 'Zelda Maker' that needs more time in the oven" — then turned the tables completely with Wild Dogs for some "solid Contra-style running and gunning".

Now, some of the team has come together to share their gaming plans for the weekend. Have a read through what we're up to and then fill out the poll and take to the comments to let us know what you are playing this week.

Happy gaming!

Alana Hagues, Deputy Editor

Not much new from me for this bank holiday weekend - I’m keeping cosy with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, trying to get those bugs and fish super early in the new month. I've been quietly working away on my new island for a few months now and the addiction has really returned. I’ve also reached the end of Xenoblade Chronicle 3: Future Redeemed, and I want to do absolutely everything in that before I lose myself to Hyrule next week. What a phenomenal (if you know, you know) piece of DLC.

Another short one from me, but I hope you all enjoy your long weekends!

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

This weekend the pressure is truly on. I have just under a week to beat Hollow Knight before TOTK comes along and consumes my every waking moment aaaannd it's not looking all that likely.

I have been playing almost non-stop for the whole week and I am having such a good time — regardless of the spikes, and the spiders, and the dying, and the big scary dudes, and and and... If I can at least reach a good stopping point before 12th May then I will be happy.

Other than that, I would really like to squeeze some Splatoon 3 time in so that I can get involved with the Zelda-themed Splatfest. Surely just the odd game here and there won't hurt, right?

Craig Reid, Pure Xbox Video Producer

Ahoy folks, Craig from Pure Xbox here!

This week I sold my OG Nintendo Switch. It was a gift from my fiancée at a time where we lived in our first, tiny flat. It was more money than either of us could afford at the time, so shifting it was quite sentimental. The reason for it is because I upgraded to the TotK OLED model and this weekend I'll be jumping into Zelda: Breath of the Wild to get Link back into the swing of things ahead of next Friday.

See you in Hyrule, folks!

Alex Olney, Video Producer

It's Splatfest weekend, so naturally I'm going to be enjoying a heaping bowl of delicious Splatoon 3 action (with custard). That's not all though, as I've been keen to finally conclude my time with Sonic Frontiers after getting about four nanometers away from the end of the game. I have a habit of doing that, I really don't know why.

And what weekend would be complete without a little tinkering? I've got my teenage-years copy of The Sims 2 that is just begging to be installed on my Steam Deck. Will I succeed? Will I buttons, but that's half the fun.

Mitch Vogel, Reviewer

This weekend will probably be defined by a lot of roguelikes and 3DS games for me. The new update for Cult of the Lamb got me back into playing it again, and I must say that I’m very impressed by its current state. Not only did Massive Monster clear up all the technical issues from the launch build, but the new content rounds out a lot of the rougher edges of the gameplay loop and makes the game even more addictive than before.

I’ll probably also spend some time cleaning up what’s left for me in Dicey Dungeons, as I finally managed to beat Lady Luck a few days ago and now just have the DLC episodes left to clear. I also recently got back into playing with my 3DS more, so I think some of this weekend will be spent enjoying every second of Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Gonçalo Lopes, Reviewer

Having completed the first Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp campaign, I’m going to dive into the second one. I’m just trying to recover from the two-hour trauma that was the final mission against Sturm, something that also happened on the Game Boy Advance but at least we could save every day on that. It was an epic battle of resilience and infantry spamming. Curses to that Meteor Strike CO power, it should be banned from the game altogether. I won't really be playing much else because I’m clearing my schedule for next weekend...

Game of the Week is still Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed! So much has happened over the past week, so many revelations, so many answers. I’m on the very last bit and I’m sure I will be missing it for months to come.

We hope that you enjoyed reading! Fill out the following poll with whichever game will be taking up the majority of your time this weekend and then let us know what else is on your list in the comments below.

What are you playing this weekend (6th/7th May)?