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"So this is Christmas, and what have you done?" These were the words sung by the legendary John Lennon in perhaps the most depressing Christmas song of all time. But in answer to your question, John, we're having quite a busy one, actually.

We have been prepping all things game of the year this week, with us Nintendo Life staff making our GOTY list and asking you to do the same. There's also been little indie presents under the Nintendo tree with this week's daily Inside the House of Indies event and we have attempted to work out what the heck is going on with that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

We also got our thoughts down on two cuddly-looking titles — The Outbound Ghost and Aka — though both of them could do with more than a little TLC.

"So here it is, Merry Christmas," sang Slade in a far jollier festive tune, and we at Nintendo Life are certainly ready to have some fun. Below, some of our wonderful writers have picked out what they are going to be playing over the festive weekend — between food, that is. Have a read then head down to the comments to let us know what titles will be filling your weekend.

Happy reading and, most of all, happy holidays!

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

It’s unlikely I’ll be playing anything of any major consequence over the Christmas period, but I did recently download Ghostwire: Tokyo on the PS5, so I’ll probably jump into that wherever possible. It’s also almost guaranteed that the family will partake in some Jackbox Party Pack festivities at some point; can’t beat a bit of Quiplash while you let your Christmas dinner make its way through your bowels!

On the Switch, I’m actually currently replaying a greatly overlooked niche title called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I heard there’s some sort of sequel coming out in 2023, so I figured it might be best to get myself reacquainted with the first game again.

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

Christmas is never a time for any hardcore narrative gaming in the Norman household, but party games? That's where we go hard.

This year, I am thinking that it is going to be all about the Switch (though if the Wii gets booted up, as is tradition, I wouldn't be surprised). There will definitely be some Super Mario Party, probably some Just Dance and I'm expecting a light spattering of Nintendo Switch Sports thrown in for good measure.

When I can sneak in a little time to myself, however, I will continue to mess up aliens and leap over buildings in Into The Breach - you know, classic Christmassy stuff.

Alana Hughes, Staff Writer

Like a lot of others here, I probably won’t be diving into too much gaming over the long holiday weekend, especially since we’re driving a few hundred miles to see family on a couple of days! Chained Echoes will continue to stay with me, and I’ll probably dive into Pokémon Violet and show some of the kids how to be a true Pokémon master.

If anything, this week’s House of Indies has just added a ton of games to my wish list – and potential buying list. Melatonin and Sports Story (I still haven’t beaten Golf Story yet… perhaps that’s my 2023 goal) are burning a hole in my purse already. Most importantly, whenever I am gaming, it’ll be with a nice festive beverage in hand. Have a wonderful holiday weekend folks – thanks for spending time with us in 2022!

Kate Gray, Staff Writer

Well, this weekend is Christmas, so I'll be playing everyone's favourite game: Making a big ol' turkey dinner. When I'm not frantically wrapping and planning and tidying, I'd like to sit down with my Steam Deck, which I haven't had much time to play with recently!

Also, now I get some time off, I really need to polish off my unfinished games backlog. That includes, but is not limited to: Pokémon Scarlet, Hollow Knight, Strange Horticulture, and Rune Factory 4. I might even boot up the GameCube to give Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life a go before the remake next summer!

Gonçalo Lopes, Reviewer

Making great strides to complete Front Mission 1st: Remake O.C.U. campaign, will jump straight into the U.S.N.C. one after the festivities are complete. Amazing prelude for a Merry Switchmas with physical arrivals of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Demon Throttle, River City Girls Zero, and Cuphead. The real Xmas miracle is on the eShop: Wavetale, Lil Gator Game, GyroBlade, The Rusty Sword: Vanguard Island, and Kaiju Wars all making the holidays rounds.

Game of the Week is Sail Forth. In effect a deeper Wind Waker sailing simulator that I am finding extremely hard to put down and is in fact getting in my way of progress into Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. What a ride this has been… have a great holiday everyone!

Liam Doolan, News Reporter

Like everyone else, I'm also playing a little bit of everything this Christmas. I'm planning to spend some time with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Wave 3 DLC, and while I'm at it, I might as well check out the season 5 update for Chocobo GP.

Apart from this, I think I'll be enjoying a round of golf or two when I finally take a look at the latest update for Nintendo Switch Sports. And speaking of sports, last but not least I'll be spending some time with the recent indie release, Sports Story. Happy holidays, everyone!

Gavin Lane, Editor

Beyond my annual festive trip to Freezeezy Peak, I intend to take a moment on Christmas morning, sit down with my kids, and introduce them to an icon. Something formative in the medium of video games. Something really simple to set them on a good path with a solid foundation in the classics. Yes, I'm going to try showing them Pong via the excellent Atari 50 compilation.

Will it hold their attention? Will it entertain for more than a few moments? Will they take one look at the screen and begin chanting Kir-by! Kir-by! Kir-by! in my earhole? Quite possibly. But what sort of Christmas would it be if an ageing relative weren't to reminisce about the olden days and bore everyone blind, huh?

Have a good one, everyone.

So, what are you playing? Let us know in the poll below, and leave a comment below with your festive gaming plans!

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