Sonic Frontiers
Image: SEGA

So then, Sonic Frontiers. The hedgehog's latest 3D adventure launched earlier this week and Sonic fans have been able to spend a good chunk of time with the game. Reviews for the game across all platforms really run the gamut, with some critics hailing it as a stirring success and the beginning of a new era for 3D Sonic games, while others have found its open world and overall approach to be ambitious but aimless — and all opinions in between.

Our review went live earlier, and as you can see, we tend to fall on the latter end of the spectrum. Indeed, even taking into account the downgrades of the Switch version, some members of Team NL have been astonished to see some of the glowing praise the game has been getting in other quarters.

Different strokes, as ever, and it goes without saying (although we'll say it anyway) that all opinions are totally valid! With so many different takes flying around, we wanted to ask you, dear reader, for your thoughts. Now that you've had some time to play the game, what review score would you give Sonic Frontier?

Feel free to cast your vote in the poll below and let us know.

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