Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are out now and fans have had a lot to say about the new generation of Pokémon. We've all now had a weekend to get acquainted with the world of Paldea and its inhabitants, and we've already seen a whole bunch of hot takes around the internet, ranging from folks professing this to be the greatest new entry in the franchise history, to disappointing takes bemoaning the obvious lack of polish from developer Game Freak.

Of course, our own review has been live for several days now, and we fall somewhere in the middle with a score of 7/10. We think that the game makes some significant changes to the Pokémon formula for the good, but also acknowledge that there are some concerning instances of poor frame rate and underbaked visuals. Check out our full review below:

What we'd really like to know now, however, is what you would score the game(s). Do you agree with our 7/10 assessment, or do you think Scarlet and Violet sit elsewhere on our 10-point scoring scale? Feel free to vote in the below poll and let us know.

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