Persona 3 and 4
Image: Nintendo Life

We hope you've been staying up until the Dark Hour and exploring the Midnight Channel, because Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are finally out on Switch.

The two games made their Nintendo debut last week, meaning the modern trilogy of Persona games are now all available on the console. It's been a long time coming for Persona fans, who have been begging to see all three games on the Switch — and P3P on consoles — for years. But, here's the real question: was it worth the wait?

We think so! Persona 4 Golden in particular. We gave the Investigation Team's adventure in yellow a 9/10, saying that it's easily "stood the test of time. Persona 3 Portable might take a bit more convincing, however, with its more visual novel style approach, which meant we awarded the game a 7/10 — even if it's still got an excellent story!

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Enough about what we thought of these two important RPGs, though — we want to hear from all of you lovely readers! If you picked up Persona 3 Portable and/or Persona 4 Golden on Switch, we want to know how you're finding the experience.

Is Persona 4 Golden one of the best RPGs ever made? Is Persona 3 Portable the right way to experience Persona 3? Vote in our polls below to give each game a rating from 1-10.

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