Last week saw the return of the king of Paper Marios as The Thousand-Year Door launched on Switch in remake form.

Following last year's excellent Super Mario RPG remake, our deputy editor Alana Hagues once again tackled a turn-based Mario and found this latest Switch remake from Intelligent Systems to be "a fantastic RPG adventure, whether you’re a Mario fan or not, with some best-in-class combat, brilliant writing, and a few little creases ironed out to make this the definitive way to play."

At the time of writing, the game has a "Generally Favorable" Metascore of 88 from 73 reviews, and now you've had a chance to play the game yourselves, we're wondering how you think it stacks up.

If you haven't gotten around to unfolding TTYD just yet, no worries — remember that a 'vote' in the poll below counts towards the game's user score in our database, but it's not set in stone. If you want to score now and revise it later, no problem. Alternatively, head back here when you've wrapped things up and deliver your final verdict — your score will automatically count towards the game's total whenever you add it.

What score would you give Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Switch)?

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How are you liking TTYD so far? How does it compare to your memories of the original on GameCube? Already finished it over the weekend in a couple of marathon sessions? Let us know in the comments.