Last week, Mario and Donkey Kong's decade-old dispute bubbled back to the surface in the appropriately titled Mario vs. Donkey Kong, a Switch remake of the identically titled GBA original from 2004.

NL's stalwart PJ O'Reilly enjoyed his time with it, awarding it a 'Good' 7/10 in his review and highlighting the new co-op mode as a highlight in a game that lacks teeth: "If you're a more seasoned player looking for platforming challenges, this game finds its strengths as an experience for younger gamers or as a co-op title. Taken as such, it absolutely earns a recommendation."

At the time of writing, the game sits on a "Generally Favorable" Metascore of 77, but we're keen to hear your thoughts on the game now you've had the weekend to dive in. Are you a veteran of the original? How are you enjoying it so far? Assign a review score using the tool below and let us know.

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Image: Nintendo

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