Nintendo eShop Selects - November 2022
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It's technically the last eShop Selects of the year. Yep, the next time we do this, it'll be 2023, even if we'll be looking back at December's games.

But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves yet! We've got November to look back on — a month dominated by Pokémon, but an early Indie World presentation meant we got a few surprise releases on the eShop. Have any of them made a dent? Let's find out in Nintendo Life's picks for the best games on the Switch eShop games of last month!

Honourable Mentions

Three little gems — two of the cosy variety, and one which seems apt given we're in the middle of World Cup season. Check out these potential stunners that you may have missed...

3. Finding Paradise (Switch eShop)

Kao Gan is a developer we know will make us cry. He's done it with To The Moon, he's also done it with A Bird Story, and he's done it again with Finding Paradise. This sequel has finally come out on the Switch, and even if there are a few niggles with this port, it doesn't overshadow the beautiful storytelling and fantastic characters.

Originally released in 2017, there are still few games that match the emotion, thoughtfulness, and simplicity of this 'series'. We gave Finding Paradise a well-deserved 8/10 — now all we need to do is wait for Imposter Factory to come to the Switch...

2. Lunistice (Switch eShop)

An outstanding homage to 3D platformers of the N64 and PSOne era, Lunistice was a huge surprise this month. The adventures of Hana the tanuki are addicting in the same way our favourite collectathons are, with bright colours and low-poly visuals hitting us straight in our nostalgic hearts. But it takes influence from platformers and games all throughout the ages, from Super Mario Odyssey to Super Mario 64.

The best part? This won't even cost you $5.00. We gave the game a 9/10 in our review — how often can you grab a 9/10 for less than a fiver?

1. Rogue Legacy 2 (Switch eShop)

We've been waiting months for Rogue Legacy 2 to make its way onto Switch — and the wait was absolutely worth it. Given how outstanding the original Rogue Legacy was, we shouldn't be surprised that this came out on top as our favourite eShop game, but what was surprising was that it was shadowdropped on the day of the Indie World presentation.

But we can't complain — this sequel does exactly what a great sequel should do. Building on the already addictive foundations of the original, Rogue Legacy 2 throws more of everything at you. The legacy system is back and better than ever. The writing is still side-splittingly funny. And there are new jobs and gameplay styles that will have you coming back for more over and over again.

The first game was one of the breakout indie roguelikes, and this sequel is back to prove it's still one of the very best. With a 9/10 review from us, we wholeheartedly agree.

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