Nintendo eShop Selects March 2023
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A previous version of this article included the February 2023 poll. We've since updated this list with the March 2023 poll. We apologise for the error.

We're officially one-quarter of the way through 2023. Time really needs to slow down, because our backlog and wishlist are expanding at pretty much the same rate right now. So... why don't we help by recommending more games for your wishlists, instead?

That's right, it's eShop Selects time. March was an onslaught of huge releases on other consoles, but the Switch eShop has been racking up a cracking line-up of titles. And even if it isn't eligible for this list, Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania is fantastic, and if you have Dead Cells, you should absolutely get it. If you don't have Dead Cells, well, what are you waiting for?

What are the best Switch eShop games that launched in March, then? Well, let's find out what won the Nintendo Life teams' hearts once we've looked over some honourable mentions...

Honourable Mentions

Lots of high-scorers hit the eShop in March, and everything shown off here got at least an 8/10 from us. Even better, every single one of these titles is pretty unique. These are the ones that didn't quite make the top three, but are absolutely worth your time:

3. Meg's Monster (Switch eShop)

Meg's Monster is unlike any RPG we've ever played. It might look a little like EarthBound or Undertale on the surface, but it turns the genre entirely on its head. You, the monster, are so powerful, you don't need to worry about yourself. But you do need to keep Meg, a little girl with world-ending powers, happy. If she cries, *snap*, the apocalypse hits.

So combat isn't just about fighting — you might have to distract Meg, or you might even have to not fight. It's this unique premise, coupled with the warm fuzzies and heartfelt moments, that make Meg's Monster a really special little game.

Grab a box of tissues for this one — we gave it an 8/10 for its lovely story and fantastic characters.

2. Dredge (Switch eShop)

Fish are scary. Have you ever actually taken the time to look at some of the deep sea creatures that inhabit our planet? Nature is an incredible thing, that's for sure, and there's so much undiscovered potential beneath the waves, it's no wonder many a horror game has taken the ocean floor as inspiration.

Dredge combines the terror of the seas with the act of fishing and survival for an extremely engrossing adventure that had us on the edge of our seats. Who thought fishing could be stressful? Well, it is when you're being chased by tentacled monstrosities and haunted by unnerving creatures. Make sure you're in ship shape for this one.

Dredge could be your catch of the day. It's one of ours, and we scored it an 8/10 after falling in love with the unique premise.

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1. Have A Nice Death (Switch eShop)

Hand-drawn roguelites are a dime a dozen, but Have A Nice Death is a special little treat that's abundant with humour, horror, and downright brutal difficulty. You could even say it's dead good. Ha...

The animation and art style throughout your travels in Death Inc., are sublime. Level and boss design are top-notch. Combat feels so good with tons of different types of scythes, spells, and secrets to play around with. From top to bottom, Have A Nice Death is polished and confident in what it is, and even though it can be challenging, its charm and humour kept us coming back for more. We won't be buried by this one, and we're still traipsing around the halls of hell for more mortal punishment.

So, our eShop game of the month is a game about dying over and over and over again as death. If you want to have a nice day, our 8/10 review should convince you to pick up this beautiful, brutal title.

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What was your favourite eShop game of March 2023?

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