Best Rabbits in Games
Image: Nintendo Life

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and a happy long weekend to all. We're sure you'll all be tucking into some chocolate, hot cross buns, or simnel cake as you sit down for your daily Nintendo Life browsing. And just like last year when we looked at the best eggs in video games, we'll be looking at something else we associate with this holiday season — bunnies!

Who doesn't love a rabbit? These cute and cuddly creatures are synonymous with handing out Easter eggs to kids over the Easter period. And, it turns out, there are a lot of these little creatures in video games. So we've picked some of our favourites — and by some, we mean 27. Yep, 27 bunnies. Though two of them don't deserve any treats this Easter. Or maybe ever...

Well, let's hop to it then, shall we?

Peppy Hare - Star Fox

Peppy Hare
Image: Nintendo

Yes, Peppy is a hare — it's right there in his name, after all — but they're from the same animal family (Leporidae), and this list would feel pretty weird without your wise old companion in the Lylat System.

Peppy is probably most famous for uttering the famous line "Do a barrel roll!", but Peppy is much more than a popular meme. He's the father figure of the Star Fox team, and the voice of reason, keeping the quartet together when things get rough. He's the Obi-Wan of the group, and who doesn't love and respect that? He's been in every Star Fox game to date, and he's there to cheer on Fox in the Smash Bros. series. A Nintendo icon through and through, and a model 'rabbit' to kick this list off.

StreetPass Bunny - Street Pass

StreetPass Bunny
Image: Nintendo Life

What is it with rabbits being salespeople (salesbunnies?) anyway? In StreetPass, the Bunny is who you want to go to purchase any of the DLC for the free-to-play app for the 3DS. She's just there as an advertisement, but with the closure of the 3DS eShop, it means her time is sort of over, really.

Well, not for us. While she might look like a Mii wearing a bunny head and a white dress, she's become a familiar face as we've StreetPassed with many people over the years. And some of that DLC is pretty darn fun, after all! We'll remember you, StreetPass Bunny. StreetPass is forever, after all.

Rabite - Mana series

Rabite Secret of Mana
Image: Nintendo Life

Dragon Quest has slimes. SMT has Jack Frost. The Mana (or Seiken Densetsu) series has the rather adorable Rabite.

Part fluffy bouncy ball, part bitey bunny, the Rabite is the first enemy you'll encounter in most of the Mana games, debuting all the way back in Final Fantasy Adventure (now known as Adventures of Mana). While they're usually sunny and yellow in colour, there are Silktails (Secret of Mana) that are pink, the King and Great Rabite (Trials of Mana), and the dreaded Black Rabite, a superboss in Trials.

They might look utterly adorable, but those buck teeth aren't for show, and they can jump a fair distance to reach you. Still, it's that cuddly look that has let them endure the entire series. And really, who doesn't want a plushy of these things?

Rabbid Rosalina - Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Rabbid Rosalina and Rabbid Peach Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Image: Nintendo / Ubisoft

We could've said Rabbid Peach, but Rabbid Rosalina won us over with her debut in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Unlike her namesake, Rabbid Rosalina is aloof, lazy, and complains a lot. Her lethargy puts her in stark contrast to the rest of the Rabbid crew, and her skills all involve putting enemies to sleep.

It's clear Ubisoft Milan adored creating her because her attack animations are hilarious, truly capturing the spirit of the character. Her and Rabbid Peach together are like chalk and cheese, too, but it helps cement these two Rabbids as our favourites in the franchise. And to think there was a time we didn't like these little white creatures...

Coco - Animal Crossing

Coco Animal Crossing
Image: Nintendo Life

We could've picked any of the rabbit villagers in Animal Crossing — from Hopkins the balloon-like bunny to Snake the ninja bunny — but Coco is one of the OGs, and despite her 'Normal' personality, she's one of the most unique villagers in the entire series. And we love her.

Coco's Japanese name is Yayoi, which is a reference to the Yayoi period in Japanese history when clay figures called haniwa were popular. These figures often had blank expressions and three open holes (for the eyes and mouth), and were buried with the dead.

So, Coco's blank expression and her speckled clay-like design come from ancient history, but it's made a little more unsettling when you realise gyroids are also based on these things. Is Coco actually not a bunny, but a gyroid...? Don't think about it.

Kaze - Kaze and the Wild Masks

Kaze and the Wild Masks
Image: Soedesco

One of the most badass bunnies on this list, Kaze is the star of this '90s-inspired 2D platformer which pays tribute to the Donkey Kong Country series. Using the power of the Wild Masks, Kaze can gain new abilities that allow her to swim, fly, climb walls, or speed up. Yep, Kaze is a ninja bunny who can become a tiger, a shark, or a lizard, for example.

Kaze and the Wild Masks is all about fast and precise platforming, navigating some gorgeous pixel art levels while speeding through enemies. And you get to do this as a ninja rabbit who is on a quest to save her friend. Kaze is a big love letter to the classics, but it's so polished, with a central character so cool we're a little bit jealous of her.

Fran - Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Fran and Balthier Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
Image: Square Enix

Fran is sky pirate Balthier's cool, calm companion throughout Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. While Balthier is a bold, brash personality throughout the game, Fran is a much-more reserved character, keeping her backstory and history to herself for a lot of the game. However, despite leaving her home of Eruyt Village, she still loves her family — she just wanted some freedom. However, she misses her home and occasionally displays regret for the path she's chosen.

Fran isn't the first Viera — the rabbit-like race (which was female-only until Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker) made their debut in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance — but she is easily the most well-known. A good all-rounder in combat but with a slight slant towards magic, her ice-cool Quickenings are flashy and invaluable.

Cream the Rabbit - Sonic Advance 2

Cream the Rabbit
Image: Sonic Channel / Sega

A lot has been said of Sonic the Hedgehog's ever-expanding cast, but Cream is probably the most-adorable addition. She made her surprise debut in Sonic Advance 2 as the game's "easy" mode, replacing Amy (who is unlockable) and is on a quest to save her mother Vanilla from Eggman.

Her best friend, Cheese the Chao, is always there to support her and can attack enemies on her behalf, But Cream's magic comes in her ability to flap her huge rabbit ears, which allows her to fly. Some of her most memorable moments come in Sonic Battle, where she forms a strong relationship with Emerl. Otherwise, she's a delightfully sweet-nature bunny who always tries her best. She's stuck around in the series for a while, and we always love getting to see Cream and Cheese.

Ravio - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Ravio A Link Between Worlds
Image: Nintendo Life

Brand new characters can be hit and miss in the Zelda series, but Ravio is one of the highlights of the incredible A Link Between Worlds. He pulled the rug right out from under our feet, after all!

Your trusty shopkeeper for most of the game, Ravio dons a rabbit-eared hood and helps Link by renting out items to him. His design is even based on Link's rabbit transformation in A Link to the Past. You should definitely buy everything from this purple rabbit friend, though, because you'll help him settle into retirement.

We won't spoil Ravio's role here, but if you've played A Link Between Worlds, you understand why this character has become popular. He's even a playable fighter in Hyrule Warriors. A true hero, and a true favourite, then.