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Remember our feature that highlighted 30 Things You Might Have Missed In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet? Well, we've already found 30 more things, from neat Easter Eggs to things that make battling a whole lot easier.

Let's dive in — how many do you already know?

More Things You Didn't Know About Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Gary's back

Remember Gary? The little toerag of a rival from the original Pokémon games, back when rivals were just the kids who wanted to ruin your life? Well, there's a reference to Gary in Pokémon and Scarlet, and he has tiny hands. Looks like we win again, Gary.

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Image: Nintendo Life

Toedscool runs like a weird little guy

This falls into the category of "hey, that's cool!" instead of a useful fact about the game, but just look at this lad:

Convergent evolution is real

When two unrelated species end up evolving into similar shapes, that's called "convergent evolution", and its most well-known example is carcinisation, in which multiple species have evolved a crab-like creature.

Wiglett, Wugtrio, Toedscool and Toedscruel are examples of this evolution. They're entirely separate Pokémon, not regional variants!

You can name your Pokémon "Egg"

If you name your Pokémon "Egg", the game will occasionally think it is an egg, and refer to it as "The Egg". It doesn't change anything in any meaningful way, but still — Egg is a great name.

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Image: Nintendo Life

Herba Mystica is a reference to older Pokémon games

Old Pokémon games had HMs, which taught you new traversal moves like Fly, Surf, and Strength. ScarVi has Herba Mystica... but what does Herba Mystica abbreviate to? That's right. HM. Woah.

Marks and Ribbons give your Pokémon titles

You can earn Ribbons for your Pokémon and catch wild 'mons that have Marks on them, but did you know that each one confers a title on your Pokémon? It'll appear in battle, turning your Pokémon from bog-standard Pikachu into "Pikachu the Great Friend" or "Pikachu the Rowdy". Some of them are really hard to get, though...

Bagin's is a reference to Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The bag shop in ScarVi is called Bagin's, and you might think, "sure, it's a play on the word 'bag', I get it" — but it's more than that!

Players of Pokémon Legends: Arceus may remember Bagin as the guy who charges WAY too much money to add a single slot to your bag. Looks like he took all that money and made himself a business!

There's a super rare Ribbon

...In fact, there's one ribbon with a chance of finding it that's so minuscule that no one actually has found it yet. It's called the Once-In-A-Lifetime Ribbon, and it's earned through Surprise Trades!

Press ZL in the menu to quickswap held items

A neat trick for swapping around items like Rocky Helmet, Lucky Egg, and Amulet Coins!

Press RS to centre the battle view

Do you find that your viewpoint is always a bit pants? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have the battle framed like old games, with the option to free-cam around if you feel like it?

Just press in the right stick on your controller to snap the battle into an old-style view!

Press ZL in battle to focus on the opponent

And hey, wouldn't it be nice to be able to examine your foes, too? Well, you can! Hold down the ZL button and you'll focus on your opponent up close.

Press RS in the overworld to change the zoom

While you're running around in the open world of Paldea, you can change how close the camera is for a better view. Just click in the right stick to zoom out or in.

Check stat changes with Y

When you're in battle, press "Y" to open up a menu that shows you all the effects, stat changes, and abilities in effect on the battlefield. Handy!

Pin TMs to track down ingredients

Head over to the TM Machine and press the + button to "pin" a TM recipe. When you're running around, you can press right on the D-Pad to bring up the TMs you've pinned, check what you need, and whether or not you've got all the ingredients yet!

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Image: Nintendo Life

You can rename a traded Pokémon once

It used to be the case that traded Pokémon were stuck with the terrible names their former owners gave them, but not any more — you can change their name once once you have them.

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