Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 1
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One of the most remarkable things about Stardew Valley is how different it is now to when it first came out, and that's down to developer ConcernedApe continuing to add features and content in free updates. We're currently up to 1.5, which added a whole new area and several new characters amongst a ton of other new stuff, but for folks that haven't played in a while, it can be a bit overwhelming.

We've put together 19 of the coolest features that ConcernedApe added to the game post-launch that you may not have noticed — things that perhaps went under the radar, drowned out by all the bigger stuff, or things you haven't experienced since putting down the game a while ago. Maybe this will get you back into the game!

(Extremely large hat tip to the Stardew Valley Wiki, whose database was invaluable in putting together this list!)

19 Features Added In Stardew Valley Updates

Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 6
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Clean up the beach

Finally, you can clean up that messy, inaccessible part of the beach in Cindersap Forest — as well as all the crap outside Pam's house. The way you can do this is to head to the entrance to the Sewers in year 3 onwards, as long as it's not raining, and find the Trash Bear. He'll ask you for a few random seasonal items, and once you fulfil his requests, he'll gladly clean up those areas, and even upgrade the dog pen in town, too.

Combining rings

The Forge on level ten of Volcano Dungeon can be used to upgrade and enchant weapons, but did you know it can also combine the powers of two rings? Apparently your farmer only has two fingers, so it makes sense to maximise the power of the two rings you can wear. It costs 20 Cinder Shards to combine the rings, but it will also combine the effects to create an ultra-powerful piece of kit.

You can also un-combine the rings for free, but you'll only get back some of the Cinder Shards you used to make it.

Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 4
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The Lost & Found box

Mayor Lewis' house now contains a "Lost & Found" box, which contains items that have been lost through failed quests, items from offline players, hats from children that have been turned into doves, and items left behind in the grange display at the Valley Fair. Do we trust Lewis to keep all this in his house? Noooot really.

Auto-petting animals

The Auto-Petter was added in update 1.5, and does exactly what it sounds like — it provides your animals with that sweet TLC, without you having to be present. Sure, it doesn't actually give you as many friendship points (animals aren't stupid), but it will improve their mood the same amount as manual petting.

It costs 50,000G and can be bought from JojaMart after completing the Joja Community quest, or if you're not a monster, you can get it from Skull Cavern treasure chests.

Upgrade your sheds

As of 1.4, there is now a Big Shed, which is the same size as the shed on the outside, but twice as big on the inside — 137 space in total. All the kegs you can dream of1

You'll just need to head to Robin's Carpenter's Shop to purchase the upgrade for 20,000G, but you have to have a shed ready to upgrade. Also, in update 1.3.36, ConcernedApe centered the doorway. That's very important for some of us.

Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 5
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Mayor Lewis' Book of Divorce

Mayor Lewis also has a new feature in his house as of update 1.1 — the divorce book, which lets you divorce your spouse for 50,000G. This returns that NPC to zero hearts and changes their relationship to "ex", and they'll also comment on the failure of your marriage in future. It's much more expensive and much more difficult than using the Witch's Hut to erase your spouse's memories... but it's perhaps kinder, no?

Change gender

In the 1.5 update, ConcernedApe added the ability to head to the Shrine of Illusions in the Wizard's basement and change your name, favourite thing, and gender for just 500G. You'll need either 4 hearts with the Wizard, or access to the Witch's Hut — the red portal will take you to the Wizard's basement.

Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 2
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The Man in the Moon

On the 27th of any month, on a non-rainy day, there's a chance that a full moon will appear on the shipping screen at the end of the night. If you click that moon 11 times, it will turn into a grumpy, monocle-wearing man's face — which could be a reference to French silent film, A Trip to the Moon, in which a rocket crashes into one of the man in the moon's eyes.

Getting caught cheating

If you try to rename yourself in the Shrine of Illusions using the item spawn code cheat to get items without earning them, you'll get one of these messages (from the Stardew Valley Wiki):

  • ConcernedApe: What kind of a name is that? Seems fishy...
  • Mr. Qi: Easy {{item name}}, huh? I'm disappointed, kid. I thought you wanted to beat this game fair and square?
  • *Grandpa is shaking his head... 'I built this farm the old fashioned way, not with unlimited {{item name}}...'
  • ConcernedApe is mad that you're cheating...
    ConcernedApe: I'm not actually mad... have fun.
  • Calling all cars! Calling all cars! We've got [a/an] {{item name}} thief on the loose!
Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 3
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Rearranging the Museum artifacts

You can now rearrange the artifacts in the Museum if you've come up with a better method of displaying them, or if you've gone off the method you were using previously.

Double-width gates

As of 1.4, you can now place gates side-by-side — which means double-wide gates are finally possible.

A choice of fish bites

There are now four different options for the "fish bite" sound effect, if that blerp-blerp has been driving you crazy. You can find the option to change it under the Options tab in your in-game menu.

Sorting inventory (but not tools)

Do you love sorting the inventory, but hate when it mixes up your carefully-arranged tools? You're not alone — evidently enough people requested the ability to sort inventory and leave tools alone that ConcernedApe added this feature in 1.5.

Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 8
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Item Recovery Service

Speak to Marlon in the Adventurer's Guild to get access to the Item Recovery Service. If you pass out in a dungeon, a cavern, or a mine after losing all your stamina or health, Marlon will be able to recover one of the items you lost — for a fee. You'll have to pay the cost of that item or stack, so it really isn't about saving items that you were going to sell, but you can get back precious and priceless items. For a price.

The Deluxe Scarecrow

There are eight Rarecrows in the game, which can be found through various means — but, as the name suggests, they're quite hard to get. But once you've got all eight, you'll get a crafting recipe in the post, which teaches you how to make the secret ninth Rarecrow... which is easily the best scarecrow in the game, with double the range of the other Rarecrows.

Changing Junimo colours

As of update 1.4, you can place gems inside a Junimo Hut to change the colour of the Junimos that live in it. This is hinted at in one of the Secret Notes!

Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed) 9
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Randomise the Community Center

Bored of the same old challenge? When starting up a new game, you now have the option to randomize the Community Center bundles, which will mix things up nicely. Or horribly. It's just the luck of the draw!

A secret tribute to Krobus

Go fishing from the southernmost point of Cindersap Forest, right by the sewer, with fishing level 15, and you'll have a chance of catching a secret Iridium Krobus statue, in homage to everyone's favourite roommate.

Break up with everyone by setting fire to flowers

Pop a Bouquet in a furnace to get a Wilted Bouquet, which works in the opposite way to a regular Bouquet — instead of using it to ask someone to be in a relationship with you, a Wilted Bouquet breaks up with them. This can only be used on people you're dating, not those you're married to. Divorce ain't that easy, pal.

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Did you know all of these updates? What's your favourite thing that's been added to Stardew since launch? Give us your thoughts in the comments!