• Review Bayonetta 2 (Switch)

    The shadow remains cast!

    While Wii U has ultimately become little more than a benchmark for Nintendo Switch sales to surpass, the experimental pit stop between Wii and Nintendo’s hybrid handheld still had a handful of must-have games. Bayonetta 2 sits proudly at the top of that list, and now the bold and brazen action-adventure breaks the...

  • Review Bayonetta (Switch eShop)

    Every witch way

    With Bayonetta 3 teased as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it’s finally time for the sassy Umbra Witch to cartwheel a flurry of bullets onto the hybrid handheld hardware in anticipation. Much like Bayonetta 2, the original instalment in the action-adventure series has been retooled for Switch, and while this isn’t first time the...


  • Review Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

    From zero to hero

    Almost from the moment it was revealed, Star Fox Zero has endured the kind of scrutiny that first-party Nintendo releases are rarely subjected to. From Time's botched announcement during E3 2014 to the news that external help was being used and the game would