• Countdown 3DS eShop Spotlight - Flipnote Studio 3D

    #22 - Flipping amazing

    For the month before the 3DS and Wii U eShops close for new purchases on 27th March, each day we're going to highlight a specific eShop game for one of those consoles and give a short pitch as to why we think it deserves your love and attention — before it's too late. The chance to add these to your library will be gone for...


  • Poll So, Wave Race 64 Or Blue Storm - Which Is Best?

    Or are you a GB purist?

    The arrival of Wave Race 64 on Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack has been the cause of much celebration in the Nintendo Life office. Those water physics have the power to impress some two-and-a-half decades on, and it still handles like a dream. If you've never played the game — or if you're a PAL...



  • Video Wii Sports - What Makes It Iconic?

    The legacy of a lovely family game

    Wii Sports has a heck of a legacy behind it. Packaged with the Wii console at launch, it's the best-selling single-platform game of all time, as well as the fourth best-selling game ever, behind only Tetris, Gran Theft Auto V, and Minecraft. Wrap your head around that. It's no surprise, really. Being included with...




  • Poll Box Art Brawl #73 - 1080° Snowboarding

    What's the ALT key shortcut for degrees again?

    Welcome to the Box Art Brawl, our weekly (well, most of the time) vote to decide which of two or more regional retro box art variants is the best. Last time, we sized up Tuff E Nuff, one of the latest additions to the Nintendo Switch Online SNES catalogue. The




  • News Splatoon’s Kelp Dome Multiplayer Map Is Now Live

    The game that keeps on giving

    Nintendo’s squid shooter, Splatoon, continues to grow, with the latest update now live. The Kelp Dome map, previously featured in the single player portion of the game, will now appear in the multiplayer modes. Kelp Dome is a map featuring maze-like greenhouses. There are two pathways to take in this arena – above...

  • Video We Check Out The Squid amiibo Challenges

    We have an Inkling you're having problems tracking these amiibo down

    We have yet more Splatoon videos coming your way. By now you should be aware of the amiibo challenges available in Splatoon, and thanks to a lack of stock - or certain unscrupulous folk spoiling the fun for UK GAME shoppers - you may be struggling to obtain all three...







  • Video The Top 10 Mario Platformers, As Selected By You

    You voted, and the winner is...

    Way back in August, we asked you wonderful readers what your favourite Super Mario platform game was. You voted, and from those votes we came up with a Top 10 list, which we have immortalised in this video. If you ever played a Super Mario game, then you must be curious about what game is number one, right? Could it...