• Review Hunting Simulator (Switch)

    A taste of its own venison

    The words ‘shooter’ and ‘simulation’ don’t often populate the same sentence, especially when using them in relation to Nintendo Switch. You’re more likely to empty a magazine into an alt-history Nazi in Wolfenstein II or riddle knees with arrows across the unforgiving tundra of Skyrim. But now Nintendo’s...


  • Review Pet Inn 3D (3DS eShop)

    A biscuit on your pillow?

    Nintendo's dual-screened line of systems has been finding itself the home for four-legged friends since the release of Nintendogs on the original Nintendo DS. Since then, plenty of other caretaking games have shown up mewing on their doorsteps - you let one into your life and next thing you know your home looks like a...

  • Review Pet Hospital (3DS eShop)

    Even healthy pets won't make you happy

    No one wants to feel as though they're doing a terrible job of taking care of their pets. Sadly, there are times when you may drop an animal and it gets hurt, or your beloved pet may get old and need veterinary medical attention; that's the real world. In the virtual world, though, Pet Hospital has you covered...


  • Review My Pets (3DS eShop)

    Your pets are better than mine

    If you've ever considered owning a pet, the 3DS game My Pets is a great way to dissuade you. It's not due to the fact that spending time taking care of virtual animals can never truly replicate the warm, fuzzy feelings of a pet's unconditional love. It's that this game highlights a lot of the seedier, dirtier sides of...


  • Review Pets Resort 3D (3DS)

    Top dog, or just plain ruff?

    It's that special time of the year again, when the world of casual gaming throws fluffy puppies and wide-eyed kittens at things and hopes to make a profit. This time Neopica has stepped up to the challenge with Pets Resort 3D. In the latest Nintendogs + Cats clone, the player takes command of a rather suspicious...