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    Review The Sims 3

    My name is Hurl

    Ever since David Crane and Richard Gold created Little Computer People for 8-bit computers in 1985, gamers have been fascinated with life simulation games, as demonstrated by the huge sales success of The Sims series. However, The Sims is also a series that has suffered from 'content filtering', as the PC experience has been watered...


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    Review MySims Party

    Can EA's cute MySims get the party started?

    Over the past year or so, Electronic Arts has been catering to the casual audience on the Wii and Nintendo DS through the MySims franchise. Since the launch of the series back in September 2007, it has gone on to become a worldwide hit. Given Electronic Arts' previous track record for milking winning...


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    Review MySims

    MySims arrives on the DS. Is it time to remove Animal Crossing: Wild World from your DS cart slot?

    On paper EA’s MySims seems like the perfect game concept for the Nintendo DS. The machine has already proven it can play host to vibrant ‘virtual worlds’ thanks to Nintendo’s best selling Animal Crossing: Wild World. The enduring allure of the...

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    Review MySims

    EA's astonishingly successful Sims series is given a lick of 'cute' paint. The result is MySims - but is it any good?

    Electronic Arts is a company that can make or break a videogames console. Although the publisher’s output isn’t always associated with quality, the popularity of its franchises can prove vital when it comes to winning the console...


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    Review The Sims 2: Pets

    Big Brother; noun. (1) an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy; (2) an older brother; (3) a dire commercial television series fuelling Channel 4 with ample funds to screen “Top 100” countdowns for the remaining ten months of the year when the show isn’t airing.

    I think my loathing of Big Brother rubbed off on my will to play such games...


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    Review The Godfather: Blackhand Edition

    EA Take One Of The Most Renowned Movie Franchises And Turn It Into A Game. Success Or Failure? Read On...

    [screenshot=46128b9f9b431]You Respect Him, You Respect The Family The Godfather Blackhand Edition is based upon the events from The Godfather movie. It holds true to its roots, even though you play as Aldo; a new character to the story. The game...


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    Review The Sims 2: Pets

    Can there really be a more time consuming game than this?

    The Sims is a franchise renowned for its cross-gender popularity and appeal to a large portion of gamers- many care for their Sims more than themselves! When it comes to console versions, the series have always struggled to entertain the masses to the extent that the PC titles have. The past...