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From the company website:

Blue Tongue Entertainment is one of Australia's premier game development studios; we've been making games for consoles and PC for over a decade. We began life as an independent studio in 1995, and became a part of THQ in 2004. We now have more than 100 staff, and are continuing to look for talented individuals to join our teams.

We've shipped games in a wide range of genres, and have a number of popular titles under our belt, including Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, the Nicktoons series of games, and most recently Nintendo Wii game Marvel Super Hero Squad.

Our acclaimed Nintendo Wii game de Blob launched in the US and Europe September 2008, and in Japan and Korea in November 2008. Find out more at

All our games are made using our constantly evolving proprietary engine and toolset; we develop for all the current consoles, including Nintendo Wii TM , Microsoft Xbox 360® and Sony Playstation®3.