• Random Rapper Soulja Boy Claims He Owns Atari, Atari Doesn't Agree

    Update: Soulja Boy reacts badly to Atari's response

    Update: Following Atari's denial that Soulja Boy is now in charge of the famous video game brand, the rapper has reacted angrily online (with lots of bad language and slurs - you have been warned), claiming that he has a contract which backs up his side of the story. He even brandishes the contract...



  • News Three New Collections Announced For Upcoming Retro Handheld Evercade

    Namco are on board, plus new carts from Interplay and Atari

    The makers of the Evercade, an upcoming handheld console that connects to your TV and plays collections of retro games which come on cartridges, have announced three new carts, each containing a fresh selection. The biggest news is that there's a new publisher on the platform in the form...








  • News Atari's New Console Seems To Be Part NES Classic Mini, Part Ouya

    Crowdfunded, runs "classic" and "current" content

    Atari's new Ataribox system may not have a Nintendo focus, but the company's history in the games arena warrants some mention here regardless - hence our coverage of the news that the veteran firm was re-entering the hardware arena earlier this year. Atari has now released renders of its new...





  • News Previously Teased Alone In The Dark: Illumination is a PC Survival Horror FPS


    Just recently we shared the teasing news that Alone In The Dark is making another comeback, which raised our eyebrows considering the Wii release of dubious quality and the general panning that the last rebirth of the franchise endured on multiple platforms. Atari, now a new, fairly small-scale company, had confirmed that it wasn't deterred...

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  • News Alone In The Dark is Set for Yet Another Comeback

    Will it find the light?

    Alone In The Dark on Wii, released back in 2008, won't exactly go down in the annals of history as a classic. While the original game in this franchise is widely cited as a source of inspiration for subsequent survival horror experiences, the Atari-published reboot in the previous generation of systems didn't go down...






  • News Atari's U.S. Division Files For Bankruptcy

    A bid for freedom from its parent company in France

    While filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. is typically an act taken by companies in significant financial trouble, it's being adopted as an escape mechanism by the U.S. divisions of Atari. Atari Inc, Atari Interactive Inc, Humongous Inc and California US Holdings Inc have all collectively filed in...

  • News Ultra-Rare Tengen Tetris Prototype Up For Auction

    An important relic of video game history

    Tengen Tetris is one of the rarest, if not the rarest, NES cartridges out there. It was released way back in 1989 but after only a month on the shelves, unsold copies of the game were recalled - a shame considering many felt it was the better version of the game due to its improved graphics and two-player...


  • News Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D Set For 2012

    Back on the up

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D has been one of those 3DS releases that has been on-again and off-again enough times to be reminiscent of a tedious long-running sitcom relationship. In February it was revealed by Atari that it was on hold, while a March update from developer n-Space stated that it would arrive in late Spring. The developer...