• Video Footage of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Emerges for 3DS Caped Crusaders

    We pretend it's the Christian Bale Batman

    Batman: Arkham Origins is the first portable title in the series kicked off by Rocksteady, and is developed by some Retro Studios veterans that founded Armature. Those two facts alone have some intrigued, but footage has been limited and when Warner Bros. did show more yesterday it was of the Vita version;...


  • News Armature Studios Gains Another Ex-Retro Staff Member

    Donkey Kong Country Returns designer Tom Ivey moves on

    As we all know, Armature is a company founded by former Retro Studios staff members — and it would appear that they've added another to their ranks. According to his CV on LinkedIn, Tom Ivey — who was one of the designers on Donkey Kong Country Returns, which was recently ported to the 3DS...