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  • News USA WiiWare Update: Dr Mario Online Rx And Family Table Tennis

    This week North American WiiWare gamers can finally get their hands on Dr. Mario Online Rx. It has tormented some of our readers that their cousins across the pond got to play this before them last week. Don’t worry guys, six days of extra practice won’t matter for too long in your online battles. This is well worth a look if you like falling block puzzlers. We gave it the respectable score of 7/10 in our review last week.

    If you are a bit of a sports fan you might want to check out Family Table Tennis. This was released as Okiraku Ping-Pong in Japan. 500 points might not seem like much of..

  • News Japanese WiiWare Tuesdays

    This coming Tuesday (27 May) our friends in the land of the rising sun get two new WiiWare games up in their Wii Shop. Isn’t it nice how Nintendo of Japan is so kind to publish a release schedule?

    These are the two delights that they are getting: Saikyou Ginhoshi Shougi - 500 points Oekaki Logic (features downloadable content) - 500 points Saikyou Ginhoshi Shougi appears to be some kind of crazy..

  • News Major League Eating - New Screenshots And Video

    In a WiiWare World exclusive we bring you a trailer showing footage from Mastiff’s upcoming Major League Eating: The Game. In addition to that we have all new screenshots too!

    Since the game based on Major League Eating was first announced it has attracted a certain about of scepticism. Can Mastiff capture the fun and excitement of the “sport” of stuffing your face with food until you..

  • News Pirates: The Key of Dreams - First In-Game Video

    Avast, me hearties!

    Pieces of eight and all that malarkey! Our ship mate Drake revealed the first screens on Pirates: The Key of Dreams only a matter of days ago. That was not good enough for the scurvy ridden seadogs at WiiWare World however. You threatened to make us walk the plank! In fear of being fed to the sharks we begged Oxygen Games for some in-game footage of their upcoming WiiWare title!..

  • News Hudson Interview - Alien Crush, Bomberman, Tetris, Blue Oasis

    Hudson is a company that needs little introduction. One of the first publishers to flock to the legendary NES console, Hudson has continued to be a solid Nintendo supporter and has recently opened its WiiWare account with the enjoyable Star Soldier R. Needless to say, the veteran publisher also has several other interesting titles on the horizon.

    With this in mind, we spoke to Hudson Japan to get..

  • News Beer Pong - College Drunkeness Is WiiWare Bound

    When Nintendo announced WiiWare was going to pave the way for a new and more open world of videogame publishing, we were all fairly happy. After all, we all want to see the little guys of the software world get a fair slice of the pie, right? And WiiWare will undoubtedly open the window for more original and innovative gaming experiences.


  • News David Braben Inteview: LostWinds

    David Braben, founder of Frontier Developments and the man famous for bringing the world such legendary videogames as Elite and Virus, recently gave us the honour of taking part in an exclusive interview.

    In it, he talks about Frontier's recent WiiWare release LostWinds and also gives a little insight into the production of the game, the prospect of a sequel and what he thinks of the other WiiWare..

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    Review Critter Round-Up

    The animals aren't the only thing that stink in this mediocre WiiWare release.

    Critter Round-Up has been branded by many people as an animal-themed version of the classic arcade game Qix. While that description isn't too far off the mark, there's more to it than simply boxing in area on the screen, but unfortunately it's not enough to keep this quirky WiiWare title from feeling very bland and way..

  • News World of Goo - New info and screenshots

    I recently caught up with the guys from 2D Boy, the creators of World of Goo, which is one of the more interesting and original games coming to WiiWare to see how it was all going. Our regular readers may remember that way back in February we playtested a early build of World of Goo and the first impressions were excellent. If you think of Tim Burton’s art style mixed with the gameplay of Lemmings and Loco Roco then you won’t be far off the mark.

    Anyway, we are all interested to know when we can expect to see this promising game on WiiWare. Sadly the answer is not for a little while yet. Their aim is to finish development on the Wor..

  • News WiiWare Is Here

    What an absolutely awesome line-up. Thank you Mr. Nintendo. Thank you very much.

    So anyone that marched over to the Wii Shop Channel this morning will have noticed WiiWare has landed and us Europeans got an exceptional array of microgame goodness. The lineup was as follows: Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (Nintendo) Final Fantasy: My Life As A King (Square Enix) LostWinds (Frontier) Star Soldier R..

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    Review Dr. Mario Online RX

    Zany pill-popping madness with Nintendo's favourite son.

    Dr. Mario was the perfect NES game. A bold, simple statement to start this review, but never has a sentence rang so true in the ears of our peers. This was a game that combined mad colours, infectious soundtracks and a delightful twist on the classic Tetris formula and is (in our opinion) the...

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    Review Toki Tori

    Is this Toki Tori's grand comeback or is our feathered friend best left forgotten?

    In 1994, the relatively unknown Dutch company, Fony, released a quirky little game called Eggbert for the MSX home computer. The system was never really all that popular outside Japan, but a few European countries (the Netherlands included) had quite a big fan base...

  • News New Hudson WiiWare Details for Tetris and Bomberman

    In an interview with Siliconera, Hudson's Japanese vice president Kentaro Murayama has revealed some more details on their upcoming WiiWare games, Tetris and Bomberman.

    There's not much new details for Tetris - They are thinking of incorporating the Wii Balance Board somehow, but have not made a decision on the matter yet. Imagine moving Tetris blocks by leaning left and right! There's also some..

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    Review Star Soldier R

    Does Star Soldier R have enough fire-power to satisfy shooter fans?

    The shoot 'em up genre has been lacking for many years now, so it's no real surprise that shooter fans have been anxiously awaiting Hudson's newest entry in their Star Soldier series. WiiWare seems like the perfect fit for a good old-fashioned space shoot 'em up, but many fans have been wondering if this new title would be a..

  • News WiiWare Launches In Europe

    This was the day PAL Wii owners had been feverishly waiting for. Finally, after months of anticipation and hype, Nintendo’s WiiWare service has launched in Europe, bringing with it the tantalizing potential of ‘videogame publishing without frontiers’ – not to mention new headaches about internal storage space.

    After a week of claim, counter-claim, conjecture and idle speculation (all of..

  • News Two Tribes Interview - Toki Tori

    For many people Toki Tori represents the dark horse of the European WiiWare launch. Unless you were a keen Gameboy Color gamer there's a chance that you've never heard of this cute little character before, but he's been given a new lease of life on WiiWare in what is proving to be an extremely promising title.

    Sensing that the world needed to know...

  • News Star Soldier R And Critter Round-Up Hit The USA Today

    Two more games join the WiiWare library in the USA today. A cheeky puzzle game from Konami called Critter Round-Up and Hudson's Star Soldier R which is an update to the much loved classic Star Soldier series from yesteryear.

    Here is some more info straight from the big N: Critter Round-Up (Konami, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone – Comic Mischief, 1,000 Wii Points): The critters have escaped,..

  • News Excited About WiiWare?

    Blimey-oh-riley, we are. We just can't wait to get our hands on some online Dr. Mario action (if it ever drops?) and some LostWinds...

    ... But we still reckon there are at least 12 hours and 27 minutes left to go until we get to waste some Wii Points (Nintendo, please let me buy Wii Points with a Solo card soon!) on micro-games. We're not sure exactly what you had planned for the next 12 hours or..

  • News Pirates: The Key of Dreams - First Screens and More Information

    UK developer Oxygen Games has been so nice as to provide us with some more information and the first screens of its upcoming WiiWare game Pirates: The Key of Dreams.

    The game's story mode features a navy captain who is sent undercover to retrieve "The Key of Dreams", a dangerous artefact, from the hands of the famous pirate Blackbeard. To do this he must travel to seven different..

  • News Dr Mario WiiWare Pulling A Sickie?

    From the very moment a Dr Mario game was announced for WiiWare we’ve been eagerly anticipating its arrival. Whether we’re supposed to call it Dr. Mario Online RX or Dr. Mario & Germ Buster, it doesn’t matter to us; we just want to play it already! It was a surprising move for Nintendo to not make this available for the North American WiiWare launch last Monday, but now it looks like we may have to wait a little longer still.

    With only Star Soldier R and Konami’s Critter Round-Up having been confirmed for this Monday’s batch of WiiWare games it is sta..

  • News Luc Bernard's Rose Princess Coming To WiiWare

    Luc Bernard has been a busy chap lately. In addition to putting the final touches to the upcoming WiiWare title Eternity’s Child, he has also revealed that he has another game in the pipeworks called Rose Princess which is destined for WiiWare, if a publisher can be found.

    Princess Rose is a cello player who kills anything she touches. She is befriended by a mechanical rabbit named Mr Cuddles who..

  • News Toki Tori - Gameplay Trailer

    If you're still not quite convinced of Toki Tori's awesomeness then this trailer might finally do the trick - It's the first actual gameplay footage of the game that's been released.

    All four of the game's areas are shown, along with a bunch of the game's tools and items. You can also hear what the game's music and sound effects sound like. The game will be released on the Wii Shop soon - We..

  • News Castlevania Producer Hints At WiiWare Instalment

    His name might not be as familiar to you as Hideo Kojima or Shigeru Miyamoto, but Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi is the man currently responsible for the wellbeing of Konami’s highly esteemed Castlevania franchise and this role bestows him a certain degree of kudos and respect amongst videogame fans. The vampire-hunting series is well regarded and each new entry is put under intense scrutiny by veterans of the series.

    However, of late the home console versions of Castlevania have been somewhat disappointing. Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness were both 3D flops and for the past few years the lineage has flourished solely on portable machi..

  • News Join The WiiWare World Facebook group!

    To celebrate the launch of WiiWare World we have shamelessly jumped on the social networking bandwagon and set up a Facebook group!

    Why not join up today? You'll probably never bother with it after you join in the true spirit of Facebook Groups, but getting a post on your wall to say you joined will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. We'd love to see some WiiWare developers on our group! C'mon guys,..

  • News Save The Seasons With Potpourrii

    When you hear the word 'Potpourrii' you may picture that bowl of perfumed wood shavings your mum has in her bathroom, but for WiiWare gamers the word is about to be given an entirely different meaning thanks to Dutch developer Abstraction Games.

    Production on the company’s debut WiiWare title is now drawing to a close and MD Ralph Egas has kindly granted us a sneaky peak at this intriguing title..

  • News Ghostfire Games Drops Fresh Helix Screens

    Ghostfire games has just revealed new screenshots for its upcoming WiiWare title Helix.

    Falling neatly into the ‘rhythm action’ genre, Helix calls for the player to move their bodies in time with the beat of 26 different songs, each crafted by an independent artist. The required moves – which include punches, backfists and hooks - are shown via an on-screen mannequin, with additional commands..

  • News Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - More media!

    A lot of our readers are pretty excited about Strong Bad's first outing on WiiWare. If you are one of them then you are probably eager to see more footage from the upcoming game!

    Telltale Games has released a second trailer from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, a game developed for WiiWare and PC and starring Strong Bad, the self-proclaimed coolest person ever. We have kindly uploaded..

  • News WiiWare Launch Games Review Round Up

    Since the WiiWare launch you may have picked up one or two of the games and then cautiously waited for trusted reviews before splashing out your precious Wii points on some of the other games which you were less sure of. Or perhaps you are in Europe and want to do your homework before the WiiWare launch on the 20th May?

    Worry not because your pals at WiiWare World have finally completed all six..

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    Review Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

    Is this a game fit for a king or a pauper?

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, is the first WiiWare game from SquareEnix and they obviously spared no expense in putting this title together. Instead of pitting you in the fighting role, as in most normal Final Fantasy titles, this game puts you in the role of King and allows you full control over everything in the kingdom in a more..

  • News WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!

    Now that the WiiWare service has launched it is ever more apparent how easy it is to fill up your Wii’s internal memory to full capacity. After all you just get a measly 2,163 blocks of internal memory, that’s the equivalent of just about 512MB! This has been just about bearable on the Virtual Console, it isn’t until you go crazy downloading large Neo Geo, N64 and TurboGrafx-CD games that you are going to run into problems!

    The situation is intensified with the event of the WiiWare launch as games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles take up a whopping 287 blocks! That is..

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    Review Defend Your Castle

    XGen takes a Flash game favourite and gives it a lick of WiiWare coloured paint.

    Some time ago XGen Studios released a free Flash version of Defend Your Castle which unwittingly spawned a small following of loyal defenders. The game was unquestionably entertaining, but here at WiiWare World we don’t want to waste our time encouraging carpal tunnel syndrome for the sake of some largely mindless..

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    Review TV Show King

    Step on up to the Wheel of Fortune

    TV Show King makes us wonder what the difference is between a video game and a regular game. We're aware that they’re judged by different criteria; for instance, no one complains that Monopoly hasn’t updated its look in about fifty years, while the control scheme of Hungry, Hungry Hippos would be lambasted by gamers as mindless button mashing. The only real..

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    Review V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack

    Is success on the cards or is this game serving up a bum deal?

    Is the gamble worth it? That is a valid question when looking at what this game has to offer for the 700 points you'll be paying for it. As you can tell from the title alone, the only game featured here is the well-known Blackjack, and in that respect it may seem a bit bare-bones. But as with most games, it all depends on what you..

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    Review Pop

    'Once you pop, you just can't stop' is proved to be true in this excellent WiiWare launch title.

    Pop, as the title suggests, is a game where you pop bubbles. But don’t be fooled by the deceptive simplicity of this idea; there’s more to it than might be apparent at first glance. First of all, Pop has a timer that counts down; if you don't pop...

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    Review LostWinds

    Is LostWinds the innovative platformer Wii fans were hoping for, or just a lot of hot air?

    Let's face it, the Wii has already had its fair share of below-average platformers, so it comes as no surprise that, despite the enormous amount of hype surrounding Frontier Development's LostWinds title, Wii owners have approached the game with a certain...

  • News Frontier Quietly Confirms LostWinds Sequel

    LostWinds was only released in the US yesterday, but if Frontier's website is to be believed, a sequel is already coming!

    On Frontier's page for the game, scroll to the very bottom to find this: Click here to REGISTER FOR ADVANCE INFORMATION on Frontier's forthcoming LostWinds sequel containing amazing new gameplay as Toku and Enril's incredible adventure to save Mistralis continues - Frontier is..

  • News European WiiWare Lineup Revealed

    With the US WiiWare launch fading into memory, it’s the turn of European gamers to start getting excited about upcoming downloadable content. WiiWare hits the ‘old world’ on 20th May, and surprisingly European Wii owners will be getting eight games instead of the six that arrived on North American shores.

    LostWinds and Final Fantasy CC: My Life As A King are undoubtedly two of the big draws,..

  • News Welcome to WiiWare World

    Stay a while, stay forever!

    As you're most probably aware, Nintendo’s new WiiWare service launched in the US today and to coincide with this truly momentous event we’re also lifting the lid on WiiWare World, your one-stop resource for all things related to the gaming portal. You might recognise some of the faces here from our stupendously...

  • News North American WiiWare launch games

    Here's what we have all been waiting for! Nintendo's press release so we know what the launch WiiWare games for North America are finally! As we expected there will be no Virtual Console games out this Monday!

    REDMOND, Wash., May 12, 2008 – Nintendo’s Wii™ console has already changed the way people play games. Now its new WiiWare™ service decisively tears down limitations for how developers..

  • News GameLoft Brings More to WiiWare

    GameLoft, who you might know as the company bringing their mobile game Block Breaker Deluxe to WiiWare, is bringing three more games to the service. Two of these are also mobile phone ports, but one of them is a new game.

    The PEGI has rated Midnight Bowling, which we assume will be the first title to see release in Europe. It will be a slightly upgraded port of the original mobile game where you..

  • News New name for Dr. Mario WiiWare

    Since we first heard that Dr. Mario was coming to WiiWare there have been a few different western names for the game circulating on the net such as Dr. Mario's Virus Buster and Dr. Mario & Bacteria Extermination, both likely direct translations of the Japanese title, Dr. Mario & Saikin Bokumetsu.

    Having checked out the new Nintendo Channel we can now confirm that the puzzler will actually..

  • News Toki Tori - New Screens

    Dutch developer Two Tribes today released some new screens for Toki Tori, their upcoming WiiWare game. As you might know, it appears to be a remake of their original Game Boy Color game of the same name.

    The game is a platformer/puzzler hybrid, combining quick reactions with smart thinking. It was originally released at the end of the GBC's life (In 2001) and was met with pretty positive reviews..

  • News Ubisoft Brings Protothea to WiiWare

    In a completely random announcement today, Ubisoft has revealed they are bringing the 2005 PC game Protöthea to WiiWare. The game is a shooter, but doesn't really stand out too much.

    The WiiWare release will include extra features and things to do, and apparently will be released on WiiWare's launch day for 1000 Wii Points. Ubisoft's James Regan told IGN: Ubisoft is excited to bring Protöthea..


  • News WiiWare: Pop Pricing Still Unconfirmed

    Nnooo's Nic Watt has admitted that he still isn’t 100% sure how much to charge for his company’s promising looking WiiWare title Pop.

    Speaking in an interview this week, Watt said: For a new company like ourselves, pricing is a really tough issue particularly on something like a downloadable service where there are games at a variety of prices. Disc-based games are somewhat easier as they all..

  • News New WiiWare Game Allows You To Massacre Undead Animals in Style

    Developer High Voltage is clearly putting all its weight behind Nintendo’s new WiiWare service with Animales de la Muerte (Animals of the Dead) being the company’s second announcement for the new service in the space of a week, following the rather neat looking Gyrostarr.

    Animales de la Muerte takes place in a Mexican Zoo. When the animals begin...

  • News European release dates for WiiWare and Nintendo Channel announced

    Nintendo of Europe today issued a press release containing the dates for multiple games to be released in Q2. While no doubt plenty of people will be happy Super Smash Bros. Brawl is included in the list, of note to this site is the fact that both upcoming Wii features have been dated.

    WiiWare will be added to the Wii Shop on the 20th of May. No specific titles have been announced to release on..

  • News New WiiWare Game: Gyrostarr

    About a week ago, the relatively unknown developer High Voltage Software revealed a Wii game called The Conduit, which is looking surprisingly good for such a small company. That's not all though, they're also working on a WiiWare game. High Voltage exclusively told IGN they're making Gyrostarr.

    Gyrostarr seems to feature four ships competing to defeat enemies and collect enough energy to open a..

  • News Capcom To Lend Support To WiiWare

    According to a recent interview, industry veteran Capcom has expressed interest in developing for Nintendo’s WiiWare platform.

    Christian Svensson, Capcom's VP of strategic planning & business development, had this to say: We’re looking for the right content first — a lot of the content we have now isn’t quite right in value or approach or interface for WiiWare. He added that..

  • News Two New WiiWare Games - Home Sweet Home and ActionLoop Twist

    Canadian developer Big Blue Bubble recently announced that it's developing a WiiWare game called Home Sweet Home. This game looks to be some sort of mix of The Sims and Habbo Hotel, which I'm sure most of you know. A date and price are still unknown, but there are some screens you can look at on the Home Sweet Home WiiWare game profile page.

    The full press release is as follows: Home Sweet Home is..

  • News WiiWare: Toki Tori Returns

    You might've already seen it on the WiiWare game page a while ago - Toki Tori was a game released on the Game Boy Color at the very end of its life - 2001, to be exact. The game looked quite amazing for the little system, almost on par with the new Game Boy Advance, and featured some stunningly addictive gameplay. It also had a pretty addictive soundtrack.

    Dutch developer Two Tribes has now officially announced that Toki Tori is indeed coming to WiiWare. Whether it's a remake, sequel or combination of both is still up in the air (Although some of the levels seen so far were in the original), but the game is looking quite great and t...

  • News WiiWare: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

    Telltale Games, developers of the excellent Sam 'n Max series, have announced their intention to give fans something new in the shape of the amusingly titled Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, debuting on WiiWare this June.

    For those not aware, the Strong Bad animated series has been running at homestarrunner.com since 2000. Strong Bad...

  • News Wayforward Working On Shantae Sequel For WiiWare

    Wayforward Technologies – the company responsible for the stunning Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS – has recently confirmed that it is working on an WiiWare update of the classic Gameboy Color platformer Shantae.

    The GBC original is something of a cult classic and fans have been clamouring for a sequel for years. They very nearly got one on the Gameboy Advance, but the project was sadly cancelled..


  • News Hudson announces WiiWare lineup, Alien Crush sequel

    Hudson has dated a few of their upcoming WiiWare games for Japan. Along with the dates, they've announced two new titles. There's also (finally) clarification on the Bomberman WiiWare game and Bomberman retail game. I'll go down the list in the same order Hudson did:

    First off, Joy Sound is no longer a WiiWare game. It will be released as a retail game because it includes some accessoires which..

  • News Block Breaker Deluxe Coming to WiiWare

    Gameloft isn’t really a company that you’d associate with top-rank videogaming, thanks to the fact that it has only really dabbled in the notoriously inconsistent world of mobile phone software. That said, it’s one of the better companies currently working in that sphere of interactive entertainment.

    Looking to expand into the domestic market, Gameloft has announced that it will be releasing..

  • News LostWinds: One to Watch on WiiWare?

    With WiiWare now officially launched in Japan, it’s difficult not to feel a slight sense of disappointment when looking at the opening salvo of software. Sure, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles looks lovely and the Dr Mario update is addictive as ever, but a few too many of the titles appear to be either over-priced shovelware or ‘too Japanese’ to appeal to a Western audience.

    Fear not, because the US launch is looking a hell of a lot more enticing, largely thanks to titles like LostWinds, which is shaping up to be the kind of game that pu...

  • News Japanese WiiWare Service – GO! GO! GO!

    After months of waiting, WiiWare has finally gone live in Japan – the first territory to officially be granted the new downloadable gaming portal.

    Nine games have been made available from launch, with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King being the big draw of the bunch. Surprisingly, Nintendo’s recently announced “Pay and Play” service is supported by some of these new games..

  • News WiiWare microtransactions - good or bad thing?

    Well it was inevitable really, along with the first pieces of pricing information for the Japanese WiiWare lineup we are now already hearing about WiiWare microtransactions.

    According to this week's issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Genki will be releasing an add-on pack for its Japanese WiiWare launch puzzler, LONPOS for 500 Wii Points. We...

  • News WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade - Fight!

    As part of its WiiWare Week, Develop has been getting reactions from studios that have signed up for Nintendo’s new service and the responses have been somewhat surprising.

    Nintendo is currently working hard to make sure developers know the benefits of WiiWare, not only from a creative point of view but from a financial one, too. One anonymous...

  • News WiiWare Footage - Pokemon Ranch, Star Soldier R, Final Fantasy

    During our travels we've discovered this fantastic promotional video for the upcoming WiiWare games due on the 25th March on the Japanese Wii.

    This video contains 59 seconds of WiiWare-related goodness in which you will glimpse such wonders as Dr Mario, Pokemon Ranch, Star Soldier R, Lonpos and Final Fantasy: CC - all of which look pretty good, if you ask us. Feast your eyes and then let us know..

  • News Konami to bring us WiiWare goodness?

    In a recent interview with IGN Fumiaki Tanaka the president of Konami has hinted that Konami may be looking at bringing classic franchises to WiiWare.

    Tanaka stated that Konami will be releasing more remakes of old titles and revisiting past projects as the company moves forward. He suggested that digital distribution services like WiiWare could...

  • News Bomberman Wii - First screens

    In the newest edition of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Hudson has unveiled the first screens of "Bomberman Wii".

    While the magazine doesn't actually specifically say if it's a Wii game or WiiWare game, we're assuming it's the latter, as a Bomberman WiiWare game was announced a while ago. When you look at it's features this seems to be the...

  • News David Braben Lets Fly With a Gust of LostWinds Info

    Frontier’s David Braben – the industry veteran behind the classic space trading game Elite, as well as many others – has given an insightful and interesting interview regarding his new game and the state of WiiWare development as he sees it.

    LostWinds will debut when the WiiWare service goes live in the US in May, and Braben is optimistic that the game will find the audience it deserves. We..

  • News Tetris is Coming to WiiWare - Online Play Included

    Generally regarded as one of the greatest videogames of all time, Tetris has just been confirmed as a WiiWare release.

    The most exciting aspect of this update is the ability to play online against people all over the world; according to the Japanese press release up to 6 people can participate in block-based multiplayer madness, which makes us very happy indeed. The controls are also getting an..

  • News Yet More Amazing Final Fantasy WiiWare Screens

    SquareEnix’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is fast becoming one of the most desirable WiiWare titles and looking at these latest screens it’s not difficult to see why. The game is, quite frankly, gorgeous.

    These latest shots show what appears to be the main foe of the game, dubbed the ‘Dark Lord’. He’s a nasty looking chap and particularly well designed. The shots..

  • News WiiWare interview - Plättchen Twist 'n' Paint (Bplus)

    In our series of exclusive interviews with up and coming WiiWare developers we have been lucky enough to grab a few moments with Bernd Geiblinger, the art director of Plättchen Twist 'n' Paint.

    The veteran Viennese developers at Bplus certainly appear switched on and want to make a name for themselves on the new WiiWare service. Let's see what they were able to tell us: WiiWare World: As exclusive..

  • News WayForward Developing Exclusive Horror Puzzle Title for WiiWare

    WayForward Technologies, the company behind the bloody brilliant DS game Contra 4, has confirmed it is developing an exclusive title for Nintendo’s upcoming WiiWare service.

    LIT is a 3D horror puzzle game that sees you facing off against a high school packed with monsters. The game’s central character, Jake, is tasked with locating his girlfriend in the demonic educational facility and must..

  • News Japanese WiiWare Site Now Live

    Nintendo of Japan has unveiled a site dedicated to its upcoming WiiWare service, which is due to launch in March.

    Eleven titles are showcased on the new site, but it is not known if all of these games will be available from day one. The titles listed are: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Star Soldier R Word Puzzle...

  • News Major League Eating munches its way to WiiWare

    The upcoming WiiWare roster has been accused by some as having more than its fair share of shovelware. This may literally be the case with newly revealed Major League Eating which is set to come to WiiWare later this year. From what we can tell it is looking like it might be a lot of fun as players compete against each other locally, or online to determine who is the greediest virtual gobbler!

    Here’s a bit more from Mastiff Games press release: Mastiff Consumes Video Game License for Major League Eating SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - (February 7, 2008) - Vi...


  • News Defend Your Castle Dated - Screens Also Released

    X-Gen Studios has revealed that Defend Your Castle will launch alongside the North American WiiWare service on 12th May 2008. The company has already launched a dedicated page for the game and some interesting looking screenshots.

    The graphical style is interesting indeed, with a cool 'scrapbook' effect. We expressed our concerns about this game when it was announced not long ago, but these updates..

  • News Everyone's Pokemon Ranch - WiiWare - New Details

    The official website for the upcoming Pokémon-themed WiiWare title, Everyone's Pokemon Ranch, has been given an update.

    A few new details on the WiiWare project: Renamed Everyone’s Pokémon Ranch (was Pokémon Farm) Transfer Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl, storing up to 1000 creatures on the Wii. Interact with your Poké-friends through activities, e.g. sitting around a campfire. Take photos..

  • News Everyones Pokemon Channel

    Previously known as Pokemon Ranch, Nintendo's Pokemon WiiWare release has been renamed.

    According to information translated by the genius behind GoNintendo.com the ranch will be owned by Yukari, a friend of Bebe from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. You'll be able to upload Pokemon from your DS into the Wii, storing up to 1,000 in the ranch. You can then also take photos of them and send them to the Wii..

  • News Defend Your Castle Coming to WiiWare

    XGen Studios has announced that its successful Flash-based game Defend Your Castle is WiiWare-bound and will launch alongside the new service in May (North America) at a cost of 500 Wii points.

    As the title suggests, the game involves you defending your castle against hordes of attackers. You can do this by grabbing them and flinging them skywards - something that was fun to do with a mouse input..

  • News Inside the Mind of Luc Bernard - Eternity's Child Interview

    Eternity's Child is the product of the wild and wacky mind of artist Luc Bernard. It's shaping up to be one of the more promising WiiWare releases and is certainly getting a lot of attention thanks to its lush visuals and unique setting.

    We caught up with Luc and popped a few questions his way regarding this innovative platform adventure. WW: Eternity's Child has a very unique visual style - what..

  • News WiiWare dated for US, three titles officially announced

    A Nintendo of America press release went out today, and it has officially dated WiiWare. The service will launch in the US on May 12th, with a number of games being available right at launch (The press release doesn't state which games those are).

    The press release also officially announces three games (One we already knew of, two new), namely Final...

  • First Impressions World of Goo

    Our new found friends at 2D Boy were kind enough to provide the team at WiiWare World with a playable demo of the first level of their upcoming game World of Goo. Whilst it’s not 100% confirmed to be a downloadable WiiWare game yet, the guys at 2D Boy are expected to spill the beans soon on if this is the case, or not.

    Having only seen a few press screenshots of World of Goo up this point we were..

  • News Eternity's Child - New Screens and Soundtrack Online

    As the release of Eternity’s Child gets ever closer, Luc Bernard has kindly published some more rather excellent-looking screens as well as putting sections of the official soundtrack online. What a kind fellow he is.

    The screens look promising and confirm what we already know: the game is looking gorgeous. However, the soundtrack is the real surprise here; composed by Sean Beeson, the music is..

  • News WiiWare Focus: Interview with Nnooo (Pop)

    Our coverage of the upcoming WiiWare service continues with this exclusive interview with Nic Watt of Nnooo, the small indie studio behind the promising Pop. We caught up with Nic and grilled him on this forthcoming release - here's what he had to say...

    WW: How did the concept for Pop come about? NW: Since the Wii was announced I have been thinking a lot about the sorts of games I could make for..

  • News WiiWare Focus - Interview with Medaverse (Gravitronix)

    Jesse Lowther, lead designer and CEO of Medaverse Studios was kind enough to spill the beans to WiiWare World regarding the latest developments with their upcoming WiiWare title Gravitronix.

    Having nailed their colours to the mast and taking the bold step of launching their first game at 500 Wii Points (the price of an NES game) we have to admit to...

  • News Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?

    We’ve gotten wind of rumours that suggest that Super Smash Bros. Brawl may be granted its own WiiWare channel in order to distribute new content and features.

    The proposed name for the service is “Smash Bros. Brawl: Challenger” and the content in question is said to include new stages, characters and music. These items will cost Wii points to...

  • News WiiWare Focus - Steel Penny Interview

    WiiWare World recently caught up with Jason Hughes, president of Steel Penny games who are one of the earlier third party development studios out there to put their money where their mouth is and develop something new for Nintendo's new WiiWare service.

    With their pedigee as former Naughty Dog veterans we are hopeful that their first WiiWare venture...

  • News WiiWare and Retro Gaming

    Nintendo’s WiiWare service will be with us soon and with it comes the tantalizing promise of liberation for small-scale developers. It should grant diminutive studios the opportunity to create fun and affordable experiences without having to worry about such complicated factors as distribution and inventory management, which is obviously great.

    But will the service also be used to for retro..

  • News Final Fantasy CC: The Little King - Media Blowout

    Square Enix’s latest upcoming Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles title is easily one of the most eagerly awaited titles for Nintendo’s new WiiWare service and with good reason; the game is looking particularly special as these latest screens and trailer will attest.

    It is understood that the game takes place after the GameCube title that the...

  • News WiiWare focus - Interview with the director of Butterfly Garden

    WiiWare World recently caught up with Shayne Guiliano, the Studio Director of Autonomous Productions, to find out his thoughts on Nintendo's new WiiWare service and catch up on the development of Butterfly Garden. It looks as if things are shaping up well for the 2009 WiiWare release and that this will be a game worth keeping an eye on.

    WiiWare World: Butterfly Garden originally started life as an..

  • News Butterfly Garden Coming to WiiWare

    A game involving butterflies may not sound all that appealing, but Autonomous Productions’ Butterfly Garden still has us extremely intrigued here at Virtual Console Reviews - regardless of the fact that it contains no guns, fast cars or big-chested ladies.

    Originally entered in Microsoft’s 2007 “Dream, Build, Play XNA” competition, the game...

  • News Eternity's Child Confirmed as WiiWare

    Those of you that own an Xbox 360 and follow developments on Xbox Live Arcade will no doubt be aware of this title.

    Created by professional cartoonist Luc Benard, Eternity’s Child is a lovely looking platform action title that practically oozes quality. It was supposed to be XBLA-bound, but Microsoft’s cap on the size of downloadable games has forced the developer to look elsewhere – more..


  • News Ex-Naughty Dogs Join WiiWare Stable

    Nintendo’s incoming WiiWare service has gained yet another supporter in the form of Steel Penny Games, a software house formed by two ex-Naughty Dog employees. If that name doesn’t ring a bell for you, Naughty Dog is the company that brought us the first few Crash Bandicoot games (you know, the ones that were actually good) and, more recently, the PS3-savior Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.


  • News XGen Studios WiiWare title in 'Early 2008'

    Canadian developer XGen Studios has recently been approved by Nintendo to produce software for the upcoming WiiWare portal.

    Skye Boyes, president of XGen Studios, had this to say about the announcement: We're thrilled to announce that the classic game play enjoyed by millions is coming to your living room in the form of a new title with compelling additions. We're taking advantage of the creative..

  • News New Duck Hunt Coming to WiiWare?

    This could be a fake, but we'll leave you to decide!

    It seems that the son of a Hudsonsoft employee recently stumbled upon a disc containing an updated edition of Duck Hunt for the Wii, and then made a video of someone playing it. Our first question would be why did someone at Hudsonsoft have the disc when you would assume this to be a first-party Nintendo game, and secondly, this would surely be a..

  • News New Final Fantasy Wii Media

    More shots of Square's upcoming Wii RPG

    Some wonderful screenshots for SquareEnix’s forthcoming WiiWare title (deep breath) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land have surfaced, along with some lush artwork. Sharing the same visuals style as the Gamecube Crystal Chronicles, this might not be an epic of FFVII proportions but should be enough to keep fans happy. A..


  • News New WiiWare game - Pop

    Yet another developer hops on the WiiWare bandwagon. Developer Nnooo has announced they're working on a game called Pop. In the game, the objective is to pop bubbles for as long as you can without running out of time (You can also obtain time extensions, etc.). You can read some more information on Nnooo's official Pop site.

    Now, commence the bad jokes about the developer's name! Nnooo!

  • News Nintendo press conference - 5 new WiiWare games, DS demos, and a new Wii update!

    Earlier today, Nintendo held a press conference in Japan. While I'm sure we're all aware of the bigger news, like Sonic being in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and motorcycles being in Mario Kart Wii, there's some nice treats in store for the Wii Shop too!

    First off, Nintendo has announced the first WiiWare title made by themselves - It's Dr. Mario! First details and screenshots (Found here) seem to..

  • News New WiiWare game announced - Gravitronix

    A rather unknown developer recently revealed that it was working on a WiiWare game called Plattchen. Now, a different developer has stepped up and revealed Gravitronix.

    Medaverse have announced this new game for the future service, but haven't really disclosed much information, besides that the game will have a multiplayer mode. Here's the whole press release: "Wii have made our Choice!"..


  • News First WiiWare Title Revealed

    Austrian company Bplus announce the first official game for WiiWare, Nintendo's new original content download service.

    "The Viennese company Bplus, which celebrates its fourth birthday today on 07-07-07, is proud to announce to be, as Nintendo official developer, among the first that offer original game titles for the new Wii download service. The start is made with the innovative puzzle shooter..


  • News Nintendo Announce WiiWare

    New online service for downloading independently created original content for Wii!

    "The search for the next ingeniously ground-breaking video game has begun. At a private developers conference this week, Nintendo announced the introduction of WiiWare™, a game-creation service that will allow developers large and small to create new downloadable video game content for sale by Nintendo through the..