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Fri 25th Apr 2008

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nmhbm commented on Millions of Wii Games Pirated in 2011:

Beside the obvious fact that 1 pirated copy is not equal to 1 less copy sold (because it was not stolen, it was COPIED), there is no fact showing that it even has a negative effect (and no, saying it's obvious without further explaining is not enough) on the number of games sold in the long term.

So the question is about the legal and moral issue I suppose. Though without good studies on the subject this just comes down as to subjective.

And about supporting child trafficing - I am pretty sure this was connected to the illegal business with actually making hard copies of games and selling them (I have a hard time seeing how a none-profit business (illegal downloading) would be able to support anything).

If anyone knows of a good study (read: not made by lobbiest) please point me towards it and I might just consider coming back to discuss this furthermore



nmhbm commented on New Wii Channel for Japan - Print Your Photos!:

30 Yen for 1 picture.
And can you buy albums of different size, dunno how many photos but it seems to have 2 different size with this price: Small 1571 Yen, Medium 2480 and you can also get 30 business cards for 500 Yen.