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Mon 18th Aug 2008

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Ziondood commented on Nintendo 3DS Playable at Vans Warped Tour '11:

@Dragoon: Actually a lot of the bands at Warped are way better and more talented than most bands you hear on the radio! It takes a lot to be on tour for a month and a half straight so I give uhm props! Just because you don't like the style doesn't mean their music crap.
Also to correct you not all Gamestops have 3DS demo units set up in their stores.



Ziondood commented on Review: Mr. Driller W (WiiWare):

Ooooo dang i cant wait to pick this one up!
The one for the 360 wasnt tht great =/
I was hoping the gamecube version would have been released over here =/



Ziondood commented on Mr Driller World:

I love mr. Driller =D
hopefully it wont be like the 360 version where there is never anyone online