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Mon 28th July, 2008

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PDTempest commented on Evasive Space - Best Evasive Skills Competition:

wow awesome!!! I want to thank my mom and... no lol jk. I visit this site every day I just don't post often. This is especially exciting as I own a Fansite about one of High Voltage's other games in the Works The-Conduit. Check it out:



PDTempest commented on EA's Moore Perplexed by World of Goo Success:

Okay this was taken way out of context... In his actual blog he says:
"World of Goo? I'm sure it's fun, and the reviewers certainly loved it, but surprised to see up so high.."
He is totally right! World of Goo is probably the best wii game I own however it is surprising that a downloadable title is sitting next to the retail giants of GOW2, GTA4, and Fallout.